The Eighth Page

Spring Break: Billy Fowkes-Style

Sunday, March 16 Yes! I’m finally free to use as much bandwidth as I want! Now, the first few days of break are awesomely jam-packed with new episodes of Lost and hours and hours of Barry Manilow—classic. This is where it all pays off, baby! Wednesday, March 19 I am quite disappointed with Lost thus far, but maybe it is just because I have “Copacabana” stuck in my head 24 hours a day (which isn’t really a bad thing, may I add). Lost has gone in a new direction lately, as immunity has yet to be awarded and no one has been voted off for weeks. I don’t know why they changed the name, but it has certainly resulted in a worse show. We are well overdue for a tribal council, as the competitors are going crazy and Jeff Probst has mysteriously disappeared. It was not until this outrageous season that I realized how much they truly need that seemingly useless man. Come back, buddy! Sunday, March 23 Happy Easter, Christians! Happy Sunday, everyone else! Sorry for not having written in a while, but I spent my Holy Thursday and Good Friday at church when I began feeling sick. I don’t think the body and blood of Christ agreed with me and my stomach. I absolutely owned in the town Easter Egg hunt this morning, but I think this may be the last year that I’ll be able to pass off as being seven years old (thanks for ruining my life, puberty!). I found 53 of the 100 eggs and was able to steal 17 more from the dumbest five-year-old I’ve ever met. Anyway, the Cadbury eggs and free kids meal coupon to Friendly’s were well worth my time, although I wish I didn’t have to beat up so many little ones to do it! It takes too much out of me. Friday, March 28 I finally took my first shower of break today when I realized I didn’t have any body wash. I settled for a combination of hand and dish soap, and to tell you the truth, my man parts have never felt better (except the time my bathing suit came off on the big slide at Water Country. Simply amazing!) I proceeded to play DDR by myself in the basement for five straight hours, lifting my self-esteem whenever I aced a song, yet lowering it significantly whenever I thought about the fact that I was by myself in the basement playing DDR for five straight hours. Thanks to my killer moves and lack of caring whether I’m a loser or not, I’d say the two eventually evened out.