President Adams’s Next Act

Each year, with the restorative fresh air and sun-bleached days of spring term, Phillips Academy students pick from our number a representative of ability, wit and vision. In Wednesday’s speeches, all three candidates demonstrated that they possessed these qualities. The Phillipian extends its heartfelt congratulations to Malin Adams, William Thompson-Butler, and Lawrence Dai for their success in the elections. We expect great things. To Adams, in particular, we offer some advice. First, if ever in need of an example of leadership, look to Teddy Collins. As Collins introduced the candidates at Wednesday’s All School Meeting, he was characteristically eloquent, capable, and humble. His tenure as Student Body President has been marked by tireless dedication to student issues, such as online sign-in, and an unmatched approachability. We will miss his endearingly mysterious accent echoing through the Chapel on Wednesdays, and we will miss his leadership. But take heart, Adams. Our second advisement: Even as you face an overwhelming myriad of new responsibilities, keep your willingness “to talk to anyone,” as you put it. Communication with the student body, through Student Council, Philo Forums, The Phillipian and other venues, is key. Third, inform yourself. Experience on Student Council is invaluable, as are conversations with faculty members and administrators. Finally, keep your sense of humor. You will need it — to charm overworked, misanthropic students at ASM and to get through the many challenges you are sure to face in the coming terms. You may not have an accent, but if you continue to show the earnestness and good humor you did during the campaign, we’ll laugh with you anyway. With high hopes and expectations, The Phillipian looks forward to the leadership of Student Council President Malin Adams.