Letters to the Editor

“Our Troubled Generation” (2/22)

To the Editor, “…so how can ya tell me you’re lonely and say for you that the sun don’t shine? Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London, show you something to make ya change your mind.”-Music and lyrics by Ralph McTell, Streets of London Jenn Schaffer’s recent article (“Our Troubled Generation”, February 22, 2008) has captivated my thoughts since last receiving The Phillipian. We parents from an older generation welcome any and all input on the challenges faced by Generation Y and the realities that are shaping its perspectives on the world. ?     My grandmother used to say it takes your whole life to learn to live it well. I have been humbled by the capacities and velocity for learning of your generation. I share Ms. Schaffer´s impression that today’s young people have had to “grow up” much sooner than perhaps other generations as they face a universe of entanglements far more complex than most of the rest of us could have imagined.?     And yet hopefully, we, the adults surrounding you, have continuously demonstrated our hope and faith in your generation. I see nothing but a Generation Y full of enormous promise and with great understanding of the challenges ahead. This is in part why you already acknowledge the global ramifications of the actions taken by prior and current generations around the world. I personally believe that your generation will get a remarkable opportunity to help fix the planetary mess.?     Though Ms. Schaffer’s article posits a multitude of questions about how can Generation Y repair past damages, I was pleased to read her final focus on leading the endeavor and executing the “what”, the solutions. This requires, as aptly stated, engagement and a will to proactively channel one’s thoughts and attitudes. If the goal feels positive and true, you will attract the means and the clear choices of the “how” along the way. ?     I look at all of you wonderful young people and I see the quiet but determined movement of a generation with a great purpose. Through technology, your systems of communication, individual and collective expression and interconnection are unprecedented in human history. You can rally yourselves with likeminded others across the globe in practically a nanosecond. Despite the world’s impending and relentless dangers, you nonetheless continue your intention to travel right into the mess in order to give service and to enhance self-knowledge. As long as Generation Y sticks together with a purpose and earns its own self-respect, you will lead the rest of us forward towards a better life experience. We, your parents, only hope you already know that you count on our continued full support, love, and admiration as your journey unfolds.      Best wishes, Shauna Doyle de Brun, P’06, P’08?Mexico City, Mexico