The Eighth Page

Multiple Choice Section

1. What type of enzyme is necessary in order to break down Gly, an amino acid necessary for teenage pregnancy? a) Hillary Clinton b) Aquaman c) Molasses d) Three quarts of dragon blood 2. Given two breeds of horses and an unknown compound, what is the best method to use in an attempt to predict weather patterns? a) Hooked on Phonics b) The Scientific Method c) Communism d) LaGrange Multipliers 3. Where do babies come from? a) Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom b) Wherever Angelina Jolie gets all of hers from c) We can find out. 967-233-4545. d) wtf, babiezzz? 4. Which letter is the best? a) A b) B c) C d) Aquaman 5. What if God was one of us? a) I’d stop listening to 80’s music b) Just a slob like one of us c) He’d be great d) He’d make a mediocre song about himself —Eli Grober, Lawrence Dai