Letters to the Editor

“More Patrol, Please” (2/29)

To the Editor, While Michael Yoon’s article makes some legitimate points as to the weaknesses of our current security network on campus, he incorrectly asserts in his article that PAPS “does not have the right to detain or pursue suspects.” While they cannot formally arrest a suspect for charges and do not enjoy the same legal protections as police officers, PAPS has every right, as provided by Massachusetts state law, to make citizen’s arrests for the purpose of holding suspects until authorities arrive. I have personally witnessed an event in which PAPS has exercised this right. During last spring’s rash of “catboner” incidents, two vehicles made their way onto Old Campus Road and began to create a disturbance as they drove by dormitories adjacent to the road. PAPS cars were strategically placed to stop the intruders, and trapped the offending vehicles in front of Bartlet Hall until local police arrived to escort them away. While there certainly are improvements to be made as far as disaster planning is concerned, PAPS is not as powerless to intruders as Mr. Yoon would make them seem. A few troublemakers stealing gutters (who were caught) is not an indication of a problem that needs any immediate addressing. Peter Schock ’08