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Features Presents… Leap Day Birthday Cards

We can’t believe you’re 4 years old! Our lovely little Janey, It seems like it was just yesterday when you spent countless hours in the bathroom, struggling with your potty training. I will never forget the mess you made back in ’94. That was one for the record books. But look at you now—4 years old and living large. You’re just growing up so quickly right in front of our eyes and we can’t believe it. Happy 4th birthday! You’ll get the hang of the potty some day. Love, Mom and Dad Happy Sweet 16, Agatha! Great Aunt Aggie! I’ve known you for over 40 years now and from ever since I can remember, you’ve been my #1 mentor/role model. Lately, I’ve been pursuing a successful career as a freelance floor tile painter, but I just can’t quite cut it in the real world. I could really use your advice. I know it’s your birthday and all, but I’d really appreciate it if you could find the time to meet with me and help me out of this pickle. And maybe afterwards, we can go somewhere for your sweet 16! I mean, it’s not every day a girl turns 16. I remember my party vividly. Bobby Peterson was there and he looked so cute! Anyways, just let me know. I promise you it’ll be great! Sincerely, “Little” Susie P.S. I think Mom got you a new wheelchair for your birthday. Don’t tell her I told you. *wink wink* —Lawrence Dai HAPPY 21stBIRTHDAY! Dear Grandpa Ezekiel, We know you never thought you’d live to see today, but alas, here we are. You’ve waited all this time—83 years to be exact—but we assure you, it’ll all soon be worth it. You’ve finally become of legal drinking age and we must celebrate. Grab your remaining living friends in the old folks home and let’s hit up the bars! Let us buy you your first beer. Careful though, all the alcohol probably won’t be good for your liver. I mean, after all, you are getting pretty old now. Love, your favorite grandchildren, Joseph, Henry, Lindsey and Hernando