In Depth

New Ryley Rolls In

The Ryley Roller debuted on November 12 to replace Ryley Room, which closed this past Sunday in preparation for the upcoming Commons renovation. The Ryley Roller, stationed by the Elson Art Center, serves a menu modeled after classic Ryley Room fare. The roller is smaller than Ryley and contains a number of appliances to prepare and store food. The truck houses a three-base sink, three refrigerators and a freezer, as well as a microwave, grill, fryer and coffee maker. At the rear of the truck, two propane gas tanks power several of the utilities. A power outlet at the front of the vehicle provides additional power for the truck when an electrical cord from the nearby building is connected to it. A colorful external logo decorates the truck, and music plays in the background. Due to the limited space in the truck, Commons staff selected the most popular food options available in Ryley to be sold in the Ryley Roller. Beverages that made the top list include water, Vitamin Water, Naked Juice, Gatorade and Snapple. The Ryley Roller no longer sells energy drinks. The Roller also sells snacks like pretzels, fruit cups and yogurt. On the grill inside, staff cook hamburgers, cheeseburgers and chicken patties. Hot food options include chicken fingers, French fries, eight-inch cheese or pepperoni pizzas and mozzarella sticks. However, the Roller lacks fountain drinks. Scott Flanagan, Director of Food Services, explained that many food items require too many materials to prepare and serve in the vehicle’s limited space. “The Ryley Roller is a work in progress,” Flanagan said, “We may make a few mistakes here and there, but we’ll correct them along the way.” The Roller is not open as early as eight in the morning, like the Ryley Room, but it will be open just as late.