In Depth

Some Isham Nurses Must Work Two Jobs; Most Other Staff Members Satisfied With Pay

The Phillipian reported in the October 12 publication that Phillips Academy staff members were generally satisfied with their salaries, working conditions and benefits at Andover. Although there is higher pay available for some of the same positions elsewhere in the town of Andover, all staff interviewed in the October report were satisfied. However, in a recent interview, Anne Vispoli, a registered nurse at Isham Health Center, raised a concern about the recent high turnover rate for Isham’s staff members. Vispoli said, “Over the past two years, we have constantly had nursing positions open and it’s been hard to get the nurses replaced.” Vispoli said that part of the problem is Isham’s relatively low salary as compared to other hospitals and clinics, saying “many people working in Isham have to take part-time jobs because they can’t afford to work here full time.” Mary Angles, a Registered Nurse at Isham, expressed satisfaction with her job. She said, “I love working with adolescents and teenagers. The people you meet are incredible.” Angles holds a second position as a high-risk nurse at Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston due to the insufficient pay at Isham. She has a husband who works a full-time job and they have five children. She lives North Andover, only three miles from Andover. She said, “I can’t work full time because I have several financial responsibilities.” She went on to say that, “Though the pay is not as good as my job in Boston, it is worth it for me.” Overall, nurses at Isham are satisfied with their jobs, though the salary might not be adequate. Angles said, “Everyone I know who works here likes their job.” Susan Cross-Skinner, a Nurse Practitioner, also expressed satisfaction. She said, “I love my job.” Cross-Skinner has a masters degree and an “expanded role.” She can diagnose and treat problems. Cross-Skinner also went on to say, “People here are enjoying their jobs for the most part.” For more information about staff members and their job satisfaction, refer to the October 12 issue of The Phillipian at