In Depth

Recent History of Strategic Plans and Capital Campaigns

Andover’s Strategic Plan is updated periodically as the Academy’s needs and aspirations change or as application of its original mission needs to be reevaluated over time. The current search for a modern definition of “youth from every quarter” is an example of how the Academy must reinterpret its original purpose. Upholding the school’s mission and meeting its evolving goals require money. Capital campaigns often stem from new strategic initiatives. 1994 Strategic Plan To form a closer community and to improve residential life were the unique focuses of the 1994 Strategic Plan. The initiative also sought to maintain the Academy’s resources so that it could maintain programming and continue to attract and retain an outstanding and diverse faculty and student body, and to do all of this without sacrificing the purchasing power of the endowment. Specific Goals: • decrease student body from 1,200 to 1,025 students • Improve the student: faculty ratio by adding more faculty apartments in dorms 1994 Capital Campaign: “The Surest Foundation” In the wake of the 1994 Plan came “The Surest Foundation,” the first capital campaign since the 1976 Bicentennial Campaign. The fundraising goal was $200 million. 2004 Strategic Plan The Board of Trustees voted unanimously in 2005 to implement the current Strategic Plan, which will hopefully be fully realized by 2010. A committee including faculty members, administrators and trustees began creating the plan in 2003. The planning committee met with Student and Cluster Councils to supplement their ideas with student opinions. Current Capital Campaign The capital campaign, unnamed as of yet, is still in the “silent phase.” This is the time when Phillips Academy’s fundraisers, including Mrs. Chase, will seek the more substantial gifts of the campaign from specific donors, who will also help build support for the major fundraising initiative. After this phase, the Academy will be able to set a feasible goal for the campaign. Campaign Goals: • Needs-blind admission • Improve faculty quality of life: fund retirement, benefits, housing, professional development • Keep faculty compensation competitive • Funds for Programming Trips and speakers are examples of more expensive programming, in this case to pursue the idea of global citizenship.