The History of the Long-Awaited One-Card System

Implementation of a card system was delayed year after year due to issues of money and resources, said Head of Technology Valerie Roman. She said, “[The one-card] has been a long time coming. Ever since I’ve been here, people have been asking for a card system to allow people in and out of buildings.” Three years ago, Phillips Academy hired a consultant to evaluate the school and write a full-need analysis. After reviewing the analysis, the school decided the financial commitment to install a card system was too expensive. However, a Planning Committee was created to address the possibility of future implementation of the one-card. This committee is comprised of the Key Card Project Manager and Associate Director of Technology Chris Joel, Director of Technology Valerie Roman, Comptroller Elliot Hacker, Dean of Students and Residential Life Marlys Edwards, Registrar Herb Morton, OPP Operations Don Whittemore and Chief of Financial Operations Steve Carter. Because demand for a card system grew over the years, money was put aside to move ahead with the project and begin communication with several companies and systems. The technology department issued the formal request for a key card system after receiving numerous appeals from other departments. The Board of Trustees approved this request in April 2007, when the final budget for the school year was approved. On October 3 and 4, the Blackboard Transaction System came to campus for the one-card’s Project Kickoff. During the day-long meetings, Blackboard reviewed Phillips Academy’s network, existing hardware and reading locations to ensure a smooth future installation. Next week, Blackboard will send a Project Kickoff Report, which includes an installation schedule, generates a sales estimate and lists all required equipment.