The Phillipian This Fall

This fall there will be many changes to The Phillipian, although some will be more obvious than others. We have developed new programs, systems and techniques to better serve our readers in every respect. The newspaper will be more comprehensive, our website more useful and our delivery system more extensive than ever before, just to name a few improvements. But most of all we hope to re-emphasize the central purpose of this newspaper, which, remembering our motto “Veritas Super Omnia,” is the pursuit of the truth. But truth is not easy. You can’t just wake up one day and say, “I’d like to always be truthful.” Sometimes, whether we mean to or not, we all forward inaccurate ideas. We do it in the way we act, in our conversations and in other media as well. This publication has always intended to be truthful and accurate, but in practice this has not been easy; indeed, it has been a “pursuit.” We intend to continue this pursuit with improved fact-checking, better organization and a fresher outlook. Admittedly, we have a lot to accomplish, but we have a lot of ambition as well. Still, the idea of “truth above everything” can be more difficult to grasp than it is to implement. For one thing, it is hard to see why truth must always prevail because there are some things for which silence seems to be mutually beneficial. When our community is lacking, or embroiled in controversy, it’s hard to understand why anyone, especially the editors of this paper, should announce our flaws to the world. But if this school of thought is allowed to define Andover, then it won’t be such a special place anymore. Wherever expression is restricted, a healthy society cannot exist because change is stifled. It is business of a scared society to hide problems, but at Andover we are not afraid. This publication will always pursue the truth no matter how ugly it seems.