The Eighth Page

Listen to Our Students

“When people ask me where I go to school, I just yell, ‘FU!’” —Robbie Montague ’09 “It has always been a dream of mine to find a place like FU. The opportunities are endless. My friends and I have been able to balance a hefty course load, join the Glee Club, and still make time for Sunday Skeet Shooting.” —Emily Johnson ’09 “FU!” —Alex Franks ’10 “FU isn’t a very big school, which can have its ups and downs. The best thing about it though is the togetherness we all experience. The girl’s dorm rooms are pretty cramped, with at least two girls to a bed, but they look out for us here at FU – there are security cameras in all the rooms!” —Tyra Jenson ’08 “Here at FU, you learn how to manage your time. I had so much going on my sophomore year, I never thought I would make it. After FU, I know how to figure out how to schedule and pace myself. I’m now taking two legitimate classes and still have time to sleep and party on weekends. It’s great!” —John Ryley Joe ’07 “From what I have experienced as the faculty ‘overlord’ of a dorm, the chemistry program here is fantastic. I guess the students have take-home projects, because there is always smoke alarm going off somewhere or odd-smelling smoke coming out from under the doors. I think these experiences will last these students a lifetime!” —George Finch, English Professor “Many of our students arrive as wild freshman. But after four years, they’re ready to enter the world as mature adults with the FU spirit. Now read that back to me. Does it sound “deanly” enough? I want my friends from high school to see what I’ve accomplished.” —Dr. Bernard L. Fontaine, Dean —Eli Grober