The Eighth Page

Course of Study 2006-2007

Facebooking FAC 210 Poking (W-S) Description: In this class, students will learn the basics to poke wars and friendly pokes, and will discuss the nature of the poke. We will also ask ourselves what constitutes “too much poking.” Prerequisites: Ability to press left button of computer mouse. FAC 320 (a year-long commitment) Description: This class delves into the art of wall posts. How can one message set off a chain reaction that can grow entirely out of proportion and ruin a person’s reputation? Students will discuss their experiences with wall posts and the news feed. This class may require more than the regular four to five hours of homework per night. Prerequisites: Absence of an actual social life. Being Bad BA 110 How to Get DC’d (a year-long commitment) Description: In this class, students will review the basics of going over bandwidth, having illegal parietals, and the proper techniques of academic dishonesty. Prerequisites: Ownership of a leather jacket Languages BIN 110 Introduction to Binary (F) Description: 0011011101011 Prerequisites: 01101001 KLI 110 Introduction to Klingon (This is a year-long requirement) Description: Students will learn the basics of the once-fictional language. The development of the ability to spit while speaking will be stressed, as will be the development of a proper Klingon wardrobe. Prerequisites: Qapla’! 440 KLI 500 Advanced Placement Klingon (F-W-S) Description: This course prepares students for the Advanced Placement Klingon test. Along with preparation, videos and slideshows will be used to supplement the class. Students will be expected to, over the course of the term, finish watching at least one season of Star Trek. A class field trip to a Galactic Center in Nebula 8 will be paid for by the school. Prerequisites: No grade lower than a “4” in KLI 110 Natural Sciences CHE 110 Introduction to Chemistry (a year-long commitment) Description: Students “get together” and find their “chemistry.” Proper laboratory equipment and protection are supplied. Prerequisites: An open mind, a love of Barry White. SCI 110 Introduction to Scientology (F-W-S) Description: This is a course for students who don’t like science, but want to pretend that their religion has something to do with the subject. Prerequisites: None