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Commons Renovation Set to be Completed ‘2008…2011’

Across the Phillips Academy campus, students have reacted to the sketches released by the Commons Project Committee with excitement and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the community is concerned with the projected duration of construction. Tim Adams ’07 said, “I just hope the construction starts soon. The Commons staff has tried to divert our attention from the lack of progress using fancy banana racks, hot paninis, and garnish along the buffet line.” While Commons has tried to make minor improvements before the large-scale renovations begin, students and faculty alike have expressed their frustration with the project’s slow progress. Mrs. Zulema, a senior member of the Spanish language department, said, “I am not looking forward to eating in the Smith Hockey Rink. Not only will it be less comfortable than Commons, but it will displace the Spanish department’s weekly roller hockey game. I have a score to settle with Dr. Maier.” When the committee was contacted for comment, a high-ranking member revealed the truth about the construction process. “For the past two years,” he said, “we’ve been looking at paint swatches.” When asked about the announced 15-month renovations, the committee member alarmingly responded, “15 months? Who said anything about 15 months? We’re not machines. The correct number is 50 months.” It seems that there was an error in the released report. To those who find comfort in the thought that crews will be working throughout the summer to finish Commons, think again. “The crews will not be working over the summer. They deserve a break as much as you students,” the committee official said. “Instead, they’ll work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays over the course of the next four years.”