The Eighth Page


The new Arts Editors, Lisa Lian and Megan Richards, are excited to be taking over the newspaper’s most popular section. Arts’ readership has soared in recent years, thanks to articles about what happened on campus over the weekend. One of their most difficult tasks will be coming up with more attractive article titles. Instead of “Great Ryley Dance Saturday,” they will seek more creative titles like, “You Were All There, It Wasn’t So Good.” Lisa Lian said, “I’m looking forward to getting started.” Clearly, her excitement speaks for itself. “We don’t need your pity,” said Megan Richards, wearing a very artsy beret, “but we’ll take it.” The Arts Section hopes to expand its coverage into other areas such as campus news and sports, but it is unlikely that the other section editors will allow that to happen. “That really just wouldn’t make sense,” said James Sawabini, Editor-in-Chief. Lian and Richards first met when they were investigating a hot lead for the Arts Section two years ago. “We heard there was going to be a dance, and we wanted to make sure we were there to cover the story,” Richards said. Since then, the two have been virtually inseparable. Lian and Richards are commonly spotted running through meadows together, sharing a large milkshake and pushing one another on a swingset. “We both love the arts and the smell of a newspaper. This should be great,” Richards said. Lian said, “As long as The Weekender keeps printing, we’ll have stories to write.” –Jonathan Adler