The Eighth Page

Thursday Classes

ANDOVER, MA—This Thursday, Phillips Academy students went to classes as usual, but something felt different. The previous day, rumors that Head of School Day would be announced at dinner spread across the campus. When Mrs. Chase and her field hockey stick failed to appear at dinner, students returned to their studies to prepare for Thursday classes. “I guess we were wrong,” said Senior Jeff Ryley as he walked to class on Thursday. “I didn’t do any of my homework for today.” Students walked slowly to classes Thursday morning. The dining halls were quiet, and the mood at the library was gloomy and depressing. Some students failed to show up for their classes. “I was so sure that [Mrs. Chase] was going to announce Head of School Day, that I booked a cab to go to the movies. The cab service wouldn’t let me cancel, so I just went,” said Lower Blaine Phelps. “‘Night at the Museum’ was awesome.” –_Jonathan Adler_