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Oscar Nominations

Hollywood is buzzing with the release of the Oscar nominations this past week. Some disagree with the nominations or believe certain films were snubbed. The film that got shafted this year seems to be “Dreamgirls,” which I never plan to see. News sources seem to be fixated on this one film, but many others were dropped from the list that deserve at least a few nominations. They are just nominations, after all; it would not hurt to nominate a few more. Here are my picks: **A Convenient Truth** This is a documentary that serves to educate the general public about global cooling, a rogue theory recently popularized by crazed scientists. The movie presents extensive and convincing evidence that the greenhouse gases are thickening the atmosphere and making Earth a more inhabitable place. (I never understood the term greenhouse gas. Are greenhouses a big source of pollution?) The public is probably more familiar this movie’s rival film, Al Gore’s “The Inconvenient Truth.” I do not know what attracted millions of Americans to see a move that labeled itself as inconvenient. On the same note, who really wants truth in a movie? **Dead Men of the Caribbean: Pirate’s Chest** If I had to sum this movie up in one word, it would be: revenge. After Johnny Depp’s film made $400 million in the box office, the Dead Men struck back with this visually amazing film. When Jack Sparrow made off with his treasure, the Dead Man was quite upset. The driving conflict in the film revolves around the Dead Man retrieving his lost treasures. However, when he does find Sparrow, he not only takes his treasure, but also his real chest. The action sequences in this film are sure to impress and entertain viewers. **Click** The concept of this movie is so novel that it deserves an Academy Award. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a world where you can control the action with your very own remote control? Well, I have. If that is not enough to make you fall in the love with the movie, throw “funny man” Adam Sandler into the mix and you have an instant classic. The makeup in this movie is just outstanding, by the way. **Barbara Walters: Lessons from the Culture of Kazakhstan to Benefit America** Television network ABC sent their star journalist, Walters, from shows like “20/20” and “The View,” to figure out what the buzz surrounding the culture of Kazakhstan is all about. The documentary concerns itself with why America is so far behind countries like Kazakhstan and what our great country can do to play catch-up. The film is a must-see for all those who care about the future of America. Walters brings her signature “foxy reporter chick” look to the big screen to make for an alarming, eye-opening film. **Rocky Balboa: Remembering a Legend** In the seventh and final installment of one of cinema’s most legendary series, Rocky Balboa steps into the ring one last time. After a crushing blow to the face, Balboa’s funeral is the scene for a beautiful collage of memories. The most famous 73-year-old boxer will be missed.