Delivery Directory: Golden Chopsticks

Are you in the mood for Chinese food? If so, a phone call to Golden Chopsticks is definitely in order. Quite simply, this restaurant is cheap. You can buy a large meal and have enough left over to share with a friend even when you are short on cash. But, there is a ten dollar minimum for delivery. Some of the tastier dishes are Chicken and Broccoli, General Tsao’s Chicken, and Pork Lo Mein. Steer clear of Golden Chopsticks’ attempt at American food. The chicken fingers and fries are on par with Commons’. And remember that quality usually does not exceed price. The food is delivered quickly and is hot upon arrival. Additionally, the many menu options make Golden Chopsticks perfect for a buffet with the dorm. Unfortunately, the restaurant’s employees are occasionally unpleasant and ordering can be a hassle. Just make sure that you have enough money to cover the bill. Also, make sure to throw away your leftovers outside your room, preferably in the dumpster. Any uneaten food starts to smell strongly of Chinese cuisine after just a few hours. Final Verdict: Golden Chopsticks’ take-out is fast, cheap, and filling. While the food is not gourmet, it is yummy. They even throw in free fortune cookies! “Confucious says…”