The Eighth Page

Senior Superlatives

Most transformed: Optimus Prime Most likely to be President: Boy: Yoni Gruskin; Girl: N/A Best friends: William Cannon + His Right Hand (Editor’s Note: Pete, I’m left handed you insolent minx) Future Stepford wife: Alexa Reid Future robot owner: Pat Curtin Person most likely to be arrested with a white-hood in the back of his ’77 Bronco: Peter Casey Most likely to ask dumb questions in front of a national audience: Prateek Kumar Ugliest face: Dave Curtis Worst style: Dave Curtis Least cool: Dave Curtis Biggest dork: Dave Curtis Hugest loser: Dave Curtis Awesomest Person: Pete Smith Coolest Man Alive: Pete Smith Best Dressed: Pete Smith Sexiest Boy: Pete Smith Most likely to be found asleep, in a park, under an extra copy of the Phillipian: Steve Blackman First Student to join Alcoholics Anonymous: Colin Dunn Most likely to become a male model: Robbie Brewer (oops, sorry a little late for this one) Most likely to find a cure for cancer: Wong-Li Chong First person to lose $1,000,000: Steve Loeffler Most likely to almost go to jail, but never actually get in: Rik Rogers First to be in Playgirl: Eliot Wall Most likely to play Cluster Soccer at the age of 47: Pete Dignard Most likely to appear on TV without pants: Emma Wood Most likely to move to Harlem: Ryan Ferguson Most likely to terrorize the world: Kim Jong-Il Most likely to combat evil on a regular basis: Hasan Siddiqi Most likely to follow Fall Out Boy on tour: Kaite Estaba Future Humvee Operator: Annie Boylan Future Humvee Passenger: Catie Shaw Future Humvee Roadkill: Steph Marton’s Dad Most likely to transfer to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Conner Stoldt Best Thighs: Casey Shannon