The Eighth Page

Instructor Reports

Biology 100 BIO-100 is an introductory course exclusively for freshmen that introduces them to how hellish their studies at Andover will be. This term, we did an in-depth study of the human body and physiology. Terrance… where to start? Well, Terrance is a very unique student. He is a special case unlike anything I have ever encountered before. In the classroom, he’s a real jerk. He heckled me frequently with phrases like, “Bio sucks the big one.” Homework he turned in was always done with little effort. His performance this term was nothing short of a failure with a test average of 43. Terrance needs a serious attitude change if he plans to graduate from this Academy. English 100 This purpose of this course is to foster the child’s creative side in an elaborate self-journey down a desolate, winding road. The term focused on the unpredictable, intellectual exploration of literature. Terrance is different than the typical student. He is very well connected with his emotions and he expresses them often. When writing prose, he is dedicated and determined like a bee searching for a vibrant flower to pollinate on a hot summer’s day. When it comes to poetry, he is Simba from the animated movie “The Lion King” searching for his lovely Nala. What I am trying to say is that he is a romantic. Terrance has a bright, shining future in front of him as a novelist. He is inspirational to me and many of his classmates in times of hardship and war. History 100 This history class starts in 700 A.D. and follows history through the Renaissance. It is meant to prepare students for courses they will take later in the Academy and at the same time develop their writing skills. Terrance is arguably one of the most insensitive students I have ever taught. In the beginning of the year, he refused to recognize the existence of the “Middle East,” or as he called it, Sand Land. When I tried to explain why this was a bad idea, he accused me of being a heathen. He rarely puts effort into his homework. Tests are a whole different story. Terrance like to “create” his own in-class essay topics, which often pertained to the greatness of Stalin. Terrance needs to open his mind and start putting in more effort. Art 200 This course is meant to serve the students as an exploration of art on many different mediums. This term, we studied drawing. In my 16 years of teaching, I have never encountered as great a talent as Terrance Fowler. His work is so realistic, so meaningful, so moving, so amazing. Even his classmates recognize the talent he has as an artist. The class often ends up discussing his pieces for the entire period. My favorite of his works has to be “Promiscuous Bunnies Mating on a July Sunset.” I hope Terrance continues to explore his artistic genius at the Academy. Math 210 Euclidean Geometry is a class that explores the spatial area of math. Students are introduced to mathematical proofs and are required to write them throughout the year. Terrance is a very interesting student. He hasn’t been able to identify his academic strengths yet, but I can tell you math is certainly not one of those. When I became a teacher, I adopted the common mantra, “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” However, Terrance was able to prove me wrong this year. What I recommend for Terrance is to take no more math than the graduation requirement and buy one of those fancy calculators where you can store everything you need to know for the test. He may also consider getting a peer tutor to pull up his 1 to a 3, if that is even humanly possible. Spanish 100 This course is meant for students who have no previous experience in Spanish. The students learn how to read, write, and speak in Spanish. They also watch episodes of “Destinos,” a Spanish soap opera, and follow the storyline, improving their listening comprehension skills. Terrance lacks the dedication and devotion to make any progress in Spanish class. He refuses to ever speak in Spanish, even though all his classmates do. When he does, his pronunciation is absolutely awful. It is painful to the ears to listen to him for too long. His written work is usually written in Spanglish, even then he can’t use most of the English words correctly. I have tried on numerous occasions to help him, but he shuns any help, even from his peers. There is clearly a major problem with Terrance and I am worried about his future in Spanish.