The Eighth Page


Sadly, some of the most exciting clubs on campus were not represented at the club rally last Sunday. This is because they are secret, exclusive, and sometimes dangerous clubs that have not been sanctioned by the Dean of Students office or funded by the school. Read on and you’ll see why. Big Game Hunting Club Members are invited to tell hunting stories on Sunday nights in the Log Cabin. Last week’s story was titled “The Most Dangerous Game.” Meets daily in the Bird Sanctuary during girls’ cross country practice. Beard and Moustache Society Competes in the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Amberg, Germany. Both men and women are welcome. If interested, speak with Mr. Sprattler, the faculty advisor to the club. Extreme Slip and Slide Club Meets on the back staircase of the library nightly during Dean’s week. Phillips Academy Nudist Colony For more information, please speak with Pete Smith ’07. Competitive Eating Club Meets on Tuesdays at Papa Gino’s for “All you can eat” night. Takes part in bimonthly competitions against the Bulimic Club. Bulimic Club Meets at 6:30 pm in the women’s room in Commons nightly after dinner. Bring your own toothbrush. Man’s Forum Originally founded to provide a male alternative to Women’s Forum, Man’s Forum meets weekly to discuss male-relevant social issues. Past topics have included football, beer, and auto mechanics. Man’s Forum doubles as a support group. Bobble Head Staring Contest Club Formerly know as the A.D.H.D. Support Group. Nihilist Student Union Never meets, and has no members. The Society of Mimes and Sad Clowns The club’s charter aims to “terrorize small children through the use of gaudy makeup and exaggerated gestures.” Ooompa Loompa Bowling Just know that the Oompa Loompa’s are very much alive, and very much the bowling pins. Narnia Enthusiasts Anonymous For those among us who believe that they are disciples of Aslan.