The Eighth Page

Upper Spring

I am saddened. Upper year has me down. Down on the ground. COCAINE! Just kidding, that would be illegal; much like Adderrall. Every day I sit in the “fun-prison” that is the library, guarded by fun-warden Mr. Spratler. I count the days on the wall with a piece of chalk, and cry myself to sleep every night when I am reminded that these days could’ve been spent on “THE OUTSIDE.” Juniors, Lowers and Seniors mock me, but when I get out of this hell hole I swear to God I will smite them! Blood shall flow freely like the waters of the St. Paul’s campus. I am tired. Countless nights of no sleep, and excessive amounts of unnecessary IMing have left me yearning for rest. Sometimes, I just want to take a permanent nap I am so tired. I told Ms. Israel from Graham House this, and she red-flagged me. Clearly she just doesn’t understand how tired I am. Being red-flagged stresses me out. I can’t deal with the stress. I want to end it all. Now and forever, no more stress, no more pain, no more feeling. However, that would just mean that I wouldn’t be able to hang out with my lovely friends ever again. More and more I find myself fighting with myself… and losing. Not to mention the fact that I am also up against the Heavyweight champion of the world; the History 310 paper. Seven weeks ago when I started writing this paper, I found the subject matter interesting; however, there is only so much one can write on Female Pop-Stars and their rise to fame. Just like Britney, Upper year is proving to be toxic, and I am a small infant curious as to what magical substances lie in the forbidden closet of mystery underneath the sink.