The Eighth Page

Point Counterpoint: Tax Breaks for the Rich

Apparently Republicans can do nothing right. Blood thirsty Democrats pounce upon every opportunity to chastise the GOP. This time, Senator Robert Melendez of New Jersey has accused President Bush’s new budget as an attack on the middle class of America. He could not be more wrong. Democrats like Mr. Melendez make false accusations similar to this one on a daily basis. However if they did some research, they would realize such statements have little or no validity. The new budget actually does not affect the middle class what so ever. Instead, it aims to lower energy costs, revolutionize Medicare, and help tax payers. The new budget does not attack the middle class, but rather the lower class. It aims to remove all funding from inner city schools and youth programs. The newly redirected money will go to the creation several power generators resembling hamster wheels to be operated by the newly idle urban youths. Hence, America will be able save money and conserve more fossil fuels so you no longer have to force your children into prostitution just to fill up the tank of your Lincoln Navigator. The budget also helps the elderly. President Bush’s new cabinet member Dr. Jack Kevorkian has worked hand in hand with elderly and what they want to government to do for them. Under the new budget, Medicare will issue a single, syringe known as the “omnibus solution”. Engineered by Dr. Kevorkian himself, this convenient little needle will solve most health problems experienced by the elderly, and will cost next to nothing. In addition to this, the budget also eliminates all of those unnecessary taxes that go towards helping students pay for college. Instead of letting those college bound hippie scum lounge around enjoying your hard earn money, they will have to actually work for a living. Democrats are complaining that the budge includes a 648 billion on tax breaks for those who earn more than 1million dollars a year, leaving the lower and middle classes with little to benefit from. However if the lower and middle classes were better at this little game us Americans like to play called “capitalism” , they would be able to reap its benefits. Those tax breaks are aimed to remind the wealthy how gracious we are for the contributions they make to the American economy. In America, we work for our money, and that is what makes this country great. If the government were to just hand out free money to everyone, America would lose its work ethic, similar to a nameless country north of the boarder. Democrats are also complaining the president is using the country’s money unwisely. Senator Melendez has postulated that Bush’s spending on special interests would add 4 trillion dollars to the national debt. First of all, Senator Melendez is clearly exaggerating, because no one in the world can count to 4 trillion. Hence, if this man is making up statistics, how can he be taken seriously? The new budget will benefit all real, tax paying Americans. Those who oppose this budget obviously have something to hide or are just not true Americans. This budget is perfectly sound and lacks any of the civil injustices Democrats claim it to be inundated with.