’08 Elects Class

If the newly elected Lower Representatives achieve their goals, Commons will offer more fresh fruit, the clock in Lower Right will be fixed, and the Student Activities Board will bus more students to away athletic contests. On Wednesday evening, the Class of 2008 elected Kit Halvorsen ’08 and Ben Schley ’08 to represent it in the Student Council in an extremely close race from a field of six candidates. Student Body President Ali Siddiqi ’06 said, “Kit and Schley won the elections in a very, very close race. Now it is time for them to look into the future at their positions on the council and to get done what they promised to their class and to the school. I wish them good luck and look forward to working with them this year.” “I thought that all of the candidates did a great job,” said Schley. “I didn’t think that I would win, but I feel honored to be picked.” Each of the six candidates delivered a speech in the Underwood Room. According to Siddiqi, the election had a large voter turnout and Lowers had the opportunity to get their voices heard. Siddiqi said, “The enthusiasm that we got from ‘08 this year was amazing. Kids from all over the grade wanted to represent their class and their class pride showed.” Candidates campaigned on a variety of issues, including establishing an online book exchange system between terms and in the summer, replacing the seafood salad wrap, having wraps pre-made at lunchtime, making deadlines for faculty posting online homework, and rotating cereals in Commons. Halvorsen said, “I wish the other candidates who ran with me could come to meetings to give their input- I wish there were more than two Lower reps. I thought that all of the candidates had very innovative ideas and platforms.’ In addition to Schley and Halvorsen, Zach An ’06, Stephanie Clegg ’06, Jennifer Downing ’06, and Lisa Lian ’06 made it to the second round of voting.