Nate Kellogg ’05: A “Real Solid” Kid

As a three-year senior, Nate Kellog ’05 acquired not one, but two very prestigious awards at the end of the year ceremonies: the Richard J. Phelps Friends of Andover Athletics Award and the Individual Achievement Award. The Phelps prize, one of the premier athletic awards, is awarded to an athelte who displays “sportsmanship, loyalty, humility and commitment to the success of others.” The Achievement award is an honor bestowed upon Kellogg for his overall success in all aspects of life during his tenure here at Phillips Academy. During the Spring term leading up to these awards, Kellogg captained the Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team. As Captain, Kellogg was a strong leader who knew how to have a good time but also how to get the job done. Says teammate Victor Miller ’05, “Kellogg’s a great teammate and Captain who knows how to have fun but can also lead with level-headed rationale.” Overall, the season had its ups and downs but came together wonderfully in the second half. Said Kellogg of this springs lacrosse season, “I think the season was a learning experience. We struggled at the beginning but as the season went on we really found our groove. I think we realized that the more we had fun, the better we played, and once we got that ball rolling it felt like nothing could stop us. Overall, it’s just been a fun season. We’ve had our ups and downs, but in the end we feel good about the progress we’ve made and I’m just glad to have been a part of it.” For Kellogg, the best part of the season by far was May 21st’s game against Choate under the stadium lights. Choate and Andover had the same record entering into the game and had both experienced very similar victories and defeats. Both teams were very evenly matched. Andover came out gunning from the start, amounting a huge lead. Choate, however, battled back later in the game to tie it up and send it into an extra period. Tom Levesque ’05 finally won it for Andover in overtime. In this game, Kellogg had two goals and four assists. Kellogg’s success began in fourth grade when he took up lacrosse because his brother started playing. Kellogg made the Varsity squad in ninth grade at Park School before coming to Andover as a new lower. Playing midfield (because that’s what his brother always played), Kellogg has been on Andover’s Varsity team for all three of his years here. So far the men are 9-5 with only Exeter left to play. Next year, Kellogg will be attending Bates College in Maine where he says he will definitely be playing lacrosse and hopefully soccer as well. Beau Freker ’05, in summation, commented, “Aside from being ill-nasty at lacrosse, Kellogg’s constant, positive attitude is what earns him respect from his teammates on and off the field. “The kid’s a real solid captain whose ability to relate well with both his coaches and his teammates makes him an invaluable asset to the team. Most importantly, this season has been a blast playing alongside Kellogg and I’d gladly do it again.” Coach Leon Modeste said of Kellogg, “He is one of those people who has an uplifting spirit and positive attitude. His demeanor tells the team to hang in there when the going gets tough and he will see them through because he will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Simply put, Nate is a guy that will make all us of around him better. He’s a winner.”