Charges Filed Against Milton Hockey Players

Last week, the Milton district attorney filed charges against two former Milton Academy students in relation to the school’s recent sex scandal. The teenagers, whose identities were not released, face juvenile charges in Quincy District Court. The charges stem from a series of events in January in which a 15-year-old girl allegedly performed oral sex on members of the Milton Academy hockey team. The first reported incident allegedly took place in the Milton Academy Varsity boys hockey locker room on January 24 and involved five hockey players and another 15-year-old male student receiving oral sex from the 15-year-old girl. Two more incidents involving three of the males have since been reported. These events occurred on January 22 and 23, one in a Milton Academy boys dormitory and other in the locker room. Acording to the Globe, the two boys currently facing charges were 16 at the time of the events. Because of the age of the alleged offenders, the current charges are considered juvenile and not criminal. The other hockey players, however, were 17 and 18 years of age, and these older boys could be tried as adults. Because this is a juvenile case, no records or hearings of the case will be made public. No adults have yet been charged in relation to the case, though the Boston Globe reports that an adult portion of the investigation is expected to be completed within a month. Milton Academy is currently working with the Milton police to investigate the claims. Other students involved could still be charged as the investigation continues. Milton police confirmed that two boys were charged, but they would not discuss the specifics of the charges. In February, Milton Academy expelled the five hockey players reportedly involved in the incidents. The girl who allegedly engaged in the oral sex with the boys was placed on administrative leave; she returned to classes at Milton three weeks ago. If the teenagers are found guilty, Massachusetts State Law allows for the boys to be sentenced to probation or imprisonment in a juvenile detention center until they reach 21 years of age. The students could also be required to register as sex offenders for the next 20 years. The defense argument for the teenagers is difficult, the Boston Globe reports. Because 15-year-olds cannot legally consent to sex, evidence that the events did occur is enough to incriminate the boys, regardless of whether or not the sex was consensual. A Milton Academy spokeswoman told the Associated Press that school administrators were surprised that the police were pressing charges against the boys. Milton Academy Principal Robin Robertson, in a letter to parents of, wrote, “Initially, we thought we were dealing with one event, but after two weeks of following up, we now understand what transpired was a short and unfortunate pattern of behavior by a small group of students.”