The Eighth Page

Rocky IV

At least once a month I get lazy, and start writing articles about the A-Team. Hopefully this isn’t one of those weeks, but hey, we’ll see. So I figured since there isn’t anything else going on this week, I’d offer some perspective on my own life since, hey, I never talk about myself. Anyway, I was thinking about writing an article reviewing the courses I’m taking right now and such, but then I realized I don’t want my teachers to hate me. More than they do now. So instead I offer a retrospective of sorts, some of the highlights of my academic career over the years, starting off with a little man called… English Freshman fall was tough, as I was too proud to take the English as a second language course I was placed in. Over time I developed rudimentary reading skills, and things went uphill from there. Overall, I would say that things were a plus here, as I only based one major assignment on the teachings of Mr. T (yes, I actually did this.) Mr. T would go on to appear in my English 200 papers a total of five times. Lower year we had to read and analyze things, and that’s were the going got rough, plus I killed a man, just killed him in cold blood. Spanish Honestly, I have nothing but good words for Raquel and her gang of rowdy but lovable compañeros. Math For me math is a lot like Rocky IV. I know, I know, you’re thinking, how could I possibly relate drawing a bunch of circles to the Italian Stallion chopping down the Soviet superman that was, and in many ways is Ivan Drago, more or less effectively ending the cold war single handedly? Well it all started when Ivan and his wife (math-360) travel to the US (Phillips Academy) to declare Ivan eligible to contend for the World Heavyweight Title (um… my TI-83 maybe? No?) Ivan requests a title bout against world champion Rocky Balboa (Andres Bobadilla ’06), but his former opponent and now best friend Apollo Creed (Me) feels slighted and challenges the Russian to an East-meets-West exhibition bout in Vegas (Morse). Overconfident, Apollo enters the ring dancing to the soulful tunes of James Brown (Elcodrive), but then holy crap! Drago (math-360) kills Apollo (me)! Rocky vows revenge and then spends a while training in Siberia and then he beats Drago but not before Drago choke-slams the prime minister guy. (Ok I’m not sure what that part has to do with 360). Also, Rocky has a robot, which is pretty sweet. Yeah, so I apologize to anyone who just read that. Sorry. Biology Though I didn’t really like it at the time, looking back bio was pretty sweet. One time I even got to go to a sewage treatment plant, which is more than I can say about History. So there. So now you know, I guess. I think the lesson to be learned here, is that sometimes things look a lot worse when you actually write them down on a piece of paper. Some other things I’ve learned through this experience would maybe be that Rocky IV doesn’t make for good analogies, or that I only mentioned a member of the A-Team once, which is pretty good by my standards. Well, I’ve got more than 550 words now, so I’m going to go get some of those tasty chicken fingers in Ryley. Enjoy your weekends.