Reflections on a Lifelong Relationship with Andover

The late Trustee Emeritus Richard Gelb wrote this on the occasion of his retirement from the Board of Trustees in 1995 but was snowed in on the day of the event in his honor. His classmate, Donald Marshman ’41, adapted the remarks and presented them at the dedication of the Gelb Science Center last weekend. Here is an excerpt: I took my first step toward becoming an Andover trustee in the autumn of 1938, when at the age of 14 I entered Phillips Academy as a Lower Middler. New boys were identified by the prep caps they wore … beanies made of blue flannel, with a white button on the crown. We were supposed to wear them until the Andover-Exeter football game in November. If the P.A. won, our prep status would end. If not, it would continue until Christmas vacation. Happily, on the big day the score was 14-6 for the Royal Blue and I was able to toss my prep cap onto Brothers Field in celebration. In the morning chapel assembly before Christmas vacation began, the headmaster, Dr. Fuess … after admonishing the student body to do nothing over the holidays that might bring the school into disrepute … directly addressed us new boys with the following parable: A prep like us, home for his first Christmas vacation, was approached by a family friend who gushed,