Letters to the Editor April 23rd, 2004

To the Editor, Ralph Nader is running for President of the United States. The Administration evidently felt it would be unfair to bring Nader to the Academy during this election year if it did not also present the community with Senator John Kerry and President George W. Bush. Thus, they postponed Nader’s planned school-wide address from this term to next spring. Because of Nader’s candidacy, the Administration clearly did not feel comfortable presenting such a “slanted” view to the Andover community, at least not without presenting “all sides of the issue.” Unfortunately, the Administration really missed the boat on this one. We must transcend political correctness and exalt self-enlightenment. The Administration clearly does not understand the concept of “equal representation for all political views” in All -School Meetings. If Strom Thurman were running for President, it would be worthwhile and supremely educational for our student body to hear him speak. It does not matter who the speaker is; the Academy should not censor our experiences because they are worried about causing an argument. In truth, arguments and discussions are conducive to education; yet, the Administration shelters us from them. Why does the Administration not leave it up to its independently thinking, intellectual students “from every quarter” to decide whether or not Nader is full of it? That is what education is: drawing one’s own conclusions. If an excessive preoccupation with political correctness means taking away the opportunity for students to draw their own conclusions, then Andover is in serious trouble. Sincerely, Alex Thorn ’04