Jam Packed

Ask any Andover student why he came to this school, and you are bound to receive an answer along the lines of: “Because there are so many opportunities here, especially in (fill in the blank).” At least that is why I chose Andover. Everyone has something that he really loves, and this school gives us students the opportunity to develop and pursue that love. However, just because you are an amazing athlete/musician/actor/etc., you should not be excluded from other areas of interest on campus. Last Friday featured three main events: the Cold Duck Complex concert, the pep rally, and the orchestra concert. It is great to have so many events on campus: this is yet another exhibition of the many opportunities our school has to offer. But couldn’t the Student Activities office, the music department, and the athletic department coordinate so at least the times of these events were staggered? Not only would this make it easier for students who are involved in WPAA, athletics, and/or music to enjoy and participate in all the events, but it would also increase the overall audience attending each event. This Friday is remarkably similar; this one night hosts the Cantata concert, the Fashion show, and the Hamlet production. These consecutive Fridays are merely two examples of a situation that arises, at least to me, all the time. While it is understandable that students must make sacrifices for their main area of interest, students should not have to be constantly choosing, especially if there are students (and there are many) who do not have just one area of interest. Isn’t that why we all came to this school—because there are so many choices and opportunities? My simple request is that our school’s departments try to coordinate events—especially weekend events. It would benefit both the students involved and the people attending. I know I do not want to have to choose all the time.