Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: I am writing to voice my opposition to the canceling last year of several off-campus programs. The school made a hard decision and canceled these programs in order to cut expenses. I understand that the school has a fiscal responsibility to spend its funds wisely. Yet, I fail to understand why in the process of budget cuts, we have to lose off-campus opportunities. Countless numbers of students are missing out because they will never have access to a wide range of programs off campus. I hope that the school, instead of cutting such vital school programs, will look into cutting funding in an alternative manner. The student body should not be hurt in the process. Sincerely, Daniel Bacon ’06 To the Editor: In last week’s editorial “Campaign for Trust”, the board wrote about Campaign Andover and the allocation of its funds toward a new hockey rink. But despite the complaints about and disapproval of the new rink I have heard while walking the paths of this esteemed learning community, I feel the presence of the new hockey rink is beneficial. Although the new structure has cost the school a substantial amount of money, the rink will earn back all those dollars with revenue from renting its space to the public. In time the school will earn a profit from the hockey rink and be able to spend money on other munificent projects. Cheers, Mackenzie W. King ’05