Gelb Center Nearly Complete After Summer Construction

Over the summer, workers completed several construction projects on the Phillips Academy campus, including the exterior of the new Richard L. Gelb Science Center. Nearly all of the Gelb’s site work, as well as interior systems, cabinets, flooring, and millwork are also complete. However, the interior must be finished before the building opens its doors to students in January. Some flooring, cabinets and final painting are also not finished, and furniture, equipment, and utilities must be installed, as well as final landscape plantings and landscaping of a new quad. Upon its completion, the Gelb will feature 16,000 square feet for each of its three floors. The new building will also provide better conditions for more sophisticated laboratory work and easier access to technology than the former science building, Evans Hall, did. Natural Sciences Department chairs have met frequently with architects from award-winning Boston firm Kallmann, McKinnell & Wood, and every member of the science faculty has contributed to the creation of the new design. Mr. Rogers said that Academy science instructors have brain-stormed ideas for new learning spaces for more than ten years as Andover’s science program has evolved. Additional construction over the summer include: -A new Search and Rescue and storage building near the power plant. -Repairs to the the Elson Arts Center, including the replacement of older windows and a roof-top cover for mechanical equipment. -Student organizations previously housed in Evans Hall were moved to Morse Hall. These spaces were designed last year with the assistance of each group’s faculty advisor. A new elevator and heating system was also installed in the building. -The exteriors of Graves Hall and Phillips Hall, home to Public Safety, have undergone repairs.