I Love Ponies: Living Large

Embedded as key individuals in student musical performances on campus are guitar player Scout Kingery ’04 and drummer Jamie Leggero ’03. These individuals are members of various bands and frequent visitors to Graves. Kingery and Leggero’s answers reveal, however, that their modesty may inhibit telling the extent of talent these individuals possess. To insure their humbleness does not askew an image of their inevitable skill, let this serve as a disclaimer: Scout Kingery (independent, I (heart) Ponies, Die Pony Die, Das Prog Band, Charlie kick my Dog, Big Hunk of Jesus, Blue Gasoline) & Jamie Leggero (I (heart) Ponies, Die Pony Die, Das Prog Band, SHB, Waltz, BFF, Eyelashes, Blitzkreig, Loaf of Bread, ex-THE METALLICAS) are two of the best musicians on campus. Phillipian: When did you guys first get into music? Jamie Leggero: I burned down my house. Phillipian: How and when did you begin your study of music and what instruments do you currently play? Do you have plans of learning new instruments in the future? Scout Kingery: I started my study of percussion when I was a missionary in Southern Africa, since then I have picked up the nose flute, mouth harp…and guitar. Soon I plan to further develop my studies of my self-invented instrument, the smashamaphone. JL: Aside from my studies of the classical guitar for the better half of 20 years, I have preformed various thumb piano concertos in both Stalingrad and my house. I plan to pick up the grand piano but I’m not yet strong enough. Phillipian: What are you doing musically at PA now? SK: Rockin’ your frickin’ socks off. JL: Yup. Phillipian: What is your favorite thing that you’ve done here at PA? SK: I haven’t gotten caught yet. Phillipian: What do you hope to accomplish before you graduate? JL: Graduate. SK: Find out how they cram all that graham. Phillipian: What do you think of the school’s music program? JL: The pink one or the yellow one? Phillipian: Do you take music lessons at PA, elsewhere? SK: Every Sunday I take the chopper to Vienna for my mouth harp lessons. JL: I don’t need lessons. Phillipian: What music classes have you taken and how have they been? I (heart) P: Dr. Warsaw’s theory class is pretty good, but the one we took with Wolfgang was a bit better. (Mad props to Wolfy “slama-jama” M) Phillipian: Both of you have been in multiple bands, what’s the story behind them? I (heart) P: If we’re in it, it’s good. Our bands start when we feel like outdoing somebody else, and we get our names from divine inspiration. Our bands end when we think of a better name or have a violent breakup—whichever comes first. We play the best music ever, and we classify ourselves as the only decent music ever (this includes Avril). Phillipian: Have you always wanted to be musicians, or did the aspiration develop over time? I (heart) P: Never “wanted to be,” we’ve always been better than everyone else. Phillipian: Have there been any prominent influences in your musical careers? SK: This one bum back home who could do the robot like a madman. JL: I found this blinking-laser-flashlight-key chain thing on Scout’s desk once… Phillipian: Is there anyone you know of that you are influencing? I (heart) P: Besides the whole world? Phillipian: What do you want to do with your musical skills? Where do you see yourself and your talent in 15 years? SK: Well, “skillz” is perhaps a better description of my virtuosity. In any case, I plan to die from an overdose on cocaine and ground coffee before I turn 30. JL: My “skillz” and I plan to become whiter than humanly possible, dangle my baby over a 4-story window, and completely destroy whatever remains of my reputation in a interview with Barbara Walters Favorite Band – I©P: We’re just crazy about this new singer named Nick Drake, he’s so talented that Volkswagen even commissioned him for a commercial. I mean, how cool is that?!? Favorite Concert experience – I©P: Not so much a “concert” as performance art piece we commissioned: we watched an entire rainforest be destroyed for the production of novelty toothpicks. Favorite Song – JL: Blowtorch Slaughter. SK: peDEADstrian Favorite Time of day to practice – I (heart) P: 3 am, in front of the PAPS building Favorite Pizza topping – SK: Fetus JL: Pepperoni Phillipian: Do you have any suggestions for other aspiring musicians? I (heart) P: Give up now. Phillipian: And the final question the world is waiting for: why do you play, is it for the ladies? I (heart) P: Do you think we actually like music?