Boys Squash Demolishes Deerfield, Trounces Tabor

The Boys Squash team enjoyed its break following a big win, and then returned to school and landed themselves a second victory. In Saturday’s match against Tabor, there were only two losses, including a tough match given up by Co-Captain Will Simonton ’03. Tabor’s efforts were not enough, and Andover won the game five to two. Squash was momentarily forgotten by most of the team in the rush to prepare for exams, do shopping, and celebrate the holidays. In all fairness to the players who may have been rushed into playing challenge matches before the break, the coaches took another look at the lineup when the boys returned to campus. Interestingly, everyone that challenged up won, changing the whole line-up. Harry Goldstein ’05 challenged up to Joe Musumeci ’03, bumping him from the seventh seed. Dave Morse ’04 jumped into the fifth seed ahead of Dan Wagman ’06, Jeff Wessler ’03 beat Elliot Beck ’05 to secure the third seed, and finally, in a long five game match where both gave as good as they got, Simonton surrendered the number one spot to fellow captain Will Walter ’03. This made some of the team anxious about Wednesday’s match, because no one would be used to the number they were playing at. As it turned out, they didn’t have to worry. Walter at #1 outplayed his opponent 3-0, as well as Simonton, Beck, Wagman, Morse and Goldstein. The only loss Andover suffered was recorded by Wessler. Deerfield is regarded as one of the strongest teams in the league this year, and before the match there was a lot of doubt as to whether or not Andover would be able to pull of the win. But they did, and with such a decisive win really set their stamp on the world of interscholastic squash, finally showing all the potential that they have had this year. Another exiting prospect is the squash tournament this weekend. It will be in the Boston area, and four of the team will be attending: Walter, Beck, Morse and Wagman. Playing on the USSRA (United States Squash Racquets Association) circuit will provide valuable experience for these players, as well as a taste of what kind of challenges are out there in the squash world. Another event to look forward to is the match today, for the squash team. Although it is away, it is another chance for the Big Blue squash team to show that yes, they truly are the dominant squash team around, and will not be beaten by anyone. Deities willing.