Girls Hockey Defeats Worcester, and After Losing to Loomis in Taft Tournament, Andover Gets Revenge

Saturday 2/17 – Andover: 7, Worcester: 2
Wednesday 2/21 – Andover: 4, Loomis: 2

On Saturday and Wednesday, Girls Hockey (15-2-1) played against Worcester Academy (Worcester) and Loomis Chaffee (Loomis) respectively, ultimately coming out on top in both games. Andover’s final game before it enters its postseason is against Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter) on Saturday.

Co-Captain Peyton Kennedy ’25 highlighted Margot Furman ’25’s electric goal in the game against Worcester, which brought together the entire team.

Kennedy said, “I would definitely highlight Margot Furman. She scored her first career goal. It was amazing when it happened, our entire bench lit up. It was one of the best moments of my Andover hockey career. I feel as though Margot scoring her goal brought the whole team together because we could all really see the love on our team.”

Kennedy also spoke on the slow pace of Saturday’s game. Then, Kennedy brought up how the team was eventually able to pick up momentum and ultimately win the game by five goals.

“We started off a little slow, which was a bit strange considering that Worcester isn’t as strong of a team as we’re used to. It was a little difficult to play on the level that we aspired to play at. Eventually, we started to pick up the energy in the second and third periods. By the time the game was close to finishing, we had brought the energy up significantly,” said Kennedy.

Prior to facing Loomis, Emily Mara ’25 emphasized the importance of the game. She explained the value of being a good seed in the postseason to gain home advantages as the playoffs progress.

Mara said, “We have a big game against Loomis tomorrow, which can determine our seating going into the playoffs. Right now, we are hoping to win our game to then get a home game for our quarter-final game and hopefully our semi-final game as well. Our team plays well with confidence and I think being at home for our postseason games would be awesome for the team.”

While speaking on the preparation for the big game against Loomis, Gabriella Batchen ’24 mentioned the team’s focus on mindset throughout its games. She highlighted the team’s big wins against Williston Northampton (Williston) and Nobles and Greenough (Nobles).

“In our training, our mindset is that we’ve been working really hard this whole season. We’ve had really good success against Williston and Nobles and we’re just going to keep continuing and like trusting ourselves and our team with the effort that we put in will mirror the results we’re going to get out,” said Batchen.

Margot Furman ’25 also commented on how the team hype and momentum helped them beat Loomis and how the team is focusing on performing well in the playoffs.

“Loomis is a good team and we were super excited to play them because we had lost to them earlier in the season at our Taft tournament. We knew that we were ready to defeat them this time, and we approached the game with excitement. We knew this game would put us in a good position for playoffs if we won, so we’ve been preparing for a while and putting our all into training. We’ve been super focused as a team on this event, and we are excited to play Exeter,” said Furman.

Girls Hockey looks forward to facing off against Exeter on the ice at home on Saturday.