Beyond the Notes: Marcello Cirelli’s Life With Music

Marcello Cirelli teaches two introductory courses in music technology

Marcello Cirelli was born into music, with a father who has been a professional musician for over 40 years. As a result, it was a pivotal part of his life throughout his childhood, and he continued into his career at Andover. Cirelli started his musical journey at the age of three with classical training but developed a fascination with technology and the production of music as he grew older. 

“I am one of those people who loves to learn new things, whether it’s music or anything really. I’ve always been into technology. I’ve been taking apart computers since I was a kid. So, the two kind of just went hand in hand. It’s not actually my primary focus with music. I really love playing. This is just another way for me to play,” said Cirelli.

Currently, Cirelli teaches Music Technology and Advanced Music Technology at Andover, two introductory courses to contemporary production techniques that integrate traditional music appliances with modern trends. He elaborates on the skills students learn through the courses and the specific projects they undertake.

“You learn how to mix music, record music with different microphone techniques, how to produce, which is kind of making things musical, working with songwriting… We jump into sound design for TV, film, and video games, which is very fun. We also do a section on underrepresented people in the industry and a whole week on the Beatles and their influence on modern music,” said Cirelli.

Cirelli has not only shaped Andover but has been shaped by it as well. He emphasizes his positive experiences within the community and underscores the power of connections, vital in creating a positive musical environment. His daily interactions, including college recordings and personal connections with students, highlight the transformative impact of these connections on his Andover journey.

“I haven’t had a bad day working here, if that’s fair. Every day is memorable. I really love doing college recordings, senior recitals, and getting to work one-on-one with particular students. And just day-to-day life in Graves; when you walk by a student, and they’re playing something that you thought they would never listen to because they’re young, you make a connection,” said Cirelli.

Cirelli also opens up about the profound impact music has had on his well-being and mental health, adding a deeply personal dimension to his contributions. He hopes that his story can help those grappling with mental health challenges, and encourage them to seek out music or other passions.

“I struggle with some mental health issues. I have anxiety and depression, and I also have struggled with ADHD… Music has really helped me with all three of those things. It helps me focus… And of course, it’s very uplifting when dealing with depression, and I hope that this message can reach any other student who’s struggling with these things to perhaps try pursuing music a little more strongly, or any form of heart,” said Cirelli.

In the future, Cirelli looks forward to continuing to teach and share his passion for music and music technology. In addition, he hopes to go back to playing music with others, something that he hasn’t had a chance to do since the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Other than teaching, I haven’t played [in a group] since 2019, right before Covid[-19]. So I would love to get people together again, just making music. I really love working with film and TV. I haven’t done much of it, but those things I love. But just continuing to learn new things is awesome,” said Cirelli.