Yasin Andino ’27 Draws on Nature and Lil Yachty to Showcase Contrast and Color

Andino’s outfits change seasonally.

Andino hopes to inspire others with his style.

Andino chooses shoes that mach his top.

Using cool tones to reflect the frigid winter weather, Yasin Andino ’27 dons an Essentials crop sweater and light blue baggy jeans. He pairs them with black and white Jordan 11s to add vertical contrast. Taking inspiration from both nature and his favorite music artists, Andino’s style showcases an eye-catching blend of color.

“My style often varies, but I try to include elements of nature. Like most, my wardrobe changes depending on the season. However, I try to emphasize elements of the season based on my clothes. When my outfits are bright, I hope it reminds people of the summer. Or when they’re darker and the colors cooler, it feels more like a night in the winter,” said Andino.

When he was younger, Andino didn’t have much choice over what he wore. However, over the years and with the influence of social media, he started to experiment with his outfits, incorporating concepts he saw online and from his favorite artists. Andino added that the open and inviting community at Andover has also helped him feel more confident in expressing himself through his clothing.

“I originally wasn’t able to experiment with fashion as my parents dressed me. However, when I got older and exposed to social media I gained an interest in fashion. And so I started wearing clothes I wanted to wear… [I’m inspired by] Lil Yachty due to his free expression of fashion. It inspires me to be more open and experiment with clothes… Andover has allowed me to do more with my style. There aren’t many people who judge fashion on campus,” said Andino.

Andino is particularly intentional about utilizing color as a form of emotional reflection, oftentimes basing his style on his mood and leaning into a spectrum of light and dark tones. Even so, Andino always makes sure his overall outfit is cohesive and put-together, especially his shoes.

“Each day, I try to find the brightest or darkest color in my mind. I try to color-code it so each color is similar. Somedays I try to mismatch bright and dark colors, it all depends on my mood for the day… I try to match my top with whatever shoes I wear. So if I have a green hoodie, I have a pair of green shoes that match well. With neutral clothes, I often pick black or white shoes,” said Andino.

However, Andino’s attention to detail doesn’t apply on just a day-to-day basis, but carries throughout each week. To avoid getting repetitive with his outfit choices, he adds variety by playing around with color and specific pieces he hasn’t worn yet.

“I often have clothes I bought, but never found the time to wear them. I know I just have to wear this piece. So I plan out an outfit around them and highlight the piece… I try to stay away from using the same color multiple times in a single week. Black, white, and blue can all get repetitive. [If] I realize I have been wearing a similar color for multiple days, I try to branch out,” said Andino.

Taking advantage of Andover’s lack of dress code and open-minded fashion culture, Andino is looking forward to exploring more of his personal taste. Along with being a form of self-expression, he hopes that his fashion can inspire and uplift others as well.

“The way I dress can make my day. It affects the way I think and act. In the future, I hope to have such a good style that I can inspire other people,” said Andino.