Stella Seong ’27 Combines Streetwear and Academia with “Stellar” Accessories

Seong finds inspiration for her outfits from social media and classical music.

Inspired by her first name “Stella,” meaning “star” in Latin, Seong wears many star accessories to compliment her outfits.

Pairing dark blue jeans with a black and white pinstripe top, dark gray jacket, and silver jewelry,  Stella Seong ’27 accessorizes with a matching bag and shoes which are both black with silver stars. She finished the look with silver sunglasses and a silver star claw clip. Seong explained the inspiration for her many silver star accessories. 

“My name is Stella and it means “star” in Latin… I didn’t think of my name and say, ‘Oh, I should wear a lot of stars.’ But I think I gravitated towards it a lot more. I just think it’s a fun shape and it looks really cool when you put the shape on whatever because it can really go on anything. I have it all over my wardrobe from hair claws to patterns on clothes. The fact that my name means ‘star’ adds a cool little touch to that,” said Seong. 

Jess Jeon ’27 gave her opinion on Seong’s style, citing it as a combination of aesthetics. 

“I would describe Stella’s style as edgy and Y2K-inspired. She wears a lot of neutral colors as a base, and will sometimes add a pop of color to her outfits… I love how Stella wears a lot of accessories to elevate her outfits. In general, I really love how she makes many different pieces work well together,” said Jeon. 

Seong’s outfits center around low-rise baggy jeans with small details, such as interesting pocket designs, as well as her collection of staple accessories, including watch rings and her favorite purple bag, which contains all her essentials. Jenna Liang ’27 mentioned the aspects of Seong’s outfits that stood out to her. 

“Stella’s outfits are all very unique in the sense that she chooses combinations that aren’t normal. Her style is something you would find on a Pinterest page if you searched up something like “rockstar.” I think she’s obsessed with anything to do with… dark purple, which is what makes her outfits stand out. Also, her rings and jewelry in general are so spontaneous,” said Liang. 

Seong gains inspiration from social media when it comes to her fashion. On platforms like Pinterest, she will see a photo of a nail color which may spark an idea for a specific outfit. Seong also listed some of her favorite brands and clothing stores. 

She continued, “For accessories, I usually go on Etsy. I buy a lot of second-hand stuff on Depop because usually when you go on Pinterest and you see outfit inspo, you’re not going to be able to find that sort of clothing… in stock in a store… so second-hand shopping has been very helpful for me.”

In terms of the silhouette of her outfits, Seong leans more towards streetwear. However, she believes that the actual content of the outfits is a mix of grunge and academia. Seong explained how oftentimes music inspires her aesthetic. 

“I play violin, so I listen to some classical music sometimes… When you think of classical music, you usually think of academic style…[so I would wear] something more formal…[like] a blouse. I listen to a lot of R&B [too]. I sort of correlate that with streetwear,” said Seong.