World in Brief

Politics: Christale Spain, First Black Woman Voted as State Party Chair by South Carolina Democrats

Christale Spain, the former executive director of the state Democratic Party, was elected by South Carolina Democrats to be state party chair at a convention on Saturday. The role of the state party chair is to communicate a party’s brand to voters, endorse campaign fundraising, and oversee internal party governance. According to the New York Times, it was Spain’s connections and campaign strategy that allowed her to win with the support of about 700 out of the 1000 delegates who voted. As state party chair, Spain’s first job will be preparing for the presidential election in 2024.

Science: SpaceX Launch Starship Flew Out of Control in First Test Run 

SpaceX recently ran a test flight for their Starship rocket. The rocket unexpectedly generated a “rock tornado,” and multiple engines failed as it ricocheted out of control. As reported by the New York Times, the primary goal of this rocket is to ultimately appease SpaceX’s goals of sending astronauts to the moon and getting humans to Mars by 2025. Despite the failure, Elon Musk, the company’s founder and chief engineer, saw this test flight as a success in the way that they were able to learn from their mistakes. Moreover, Musk has said that four or five more Starship launches are expected this year. 

Health: CDC Anticipating to Stop Reporting Covid-19 Community Levels

Reported by CNN Health, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is set to stop reporting their color-coordinated Covid-19 Community Levels on May 11. This map was used for individuals to decide what level of precaution to take based on the level assigned to their community and was established in late February of 2022. The three levels consist of low, medium, and high. As of right now, 97 percent of counties and territories in the United States of America have low Covid-19 levels. However, the CDC will still be keeping a close watch on Covid-19 by tracking hospitalizations in higher-risk areas.

World: Sudan Conflict Continues and Hundred Evacuees Land in Saudi Arabia

According to CNN, a ship carrying over 1,800 evacuees docked in the Saudi city of Jeddah on April 29. Out of these evacuees, 20 were Saudi citizens with the rest being people from different Asian, African, and European countries. These evacuations were caused by the intense fighting in Sudan, which is now entering its third week. Many evacuees expressed their fear for those still in Sudan, as well as relief to have left the situation behind. Those who still reside in Sudan are facing looting, and diminishing food, water, and power supplies.