Girls Lacrosse Uses Strong Team Dynamic to Defeat Choate and NMH

This past Saturday, Girls Lacrosse played Choate away, winning 18-4. The team then went on to play at Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH), beating the team 11-5.

Leading up to the games, the team worked on improving all of its positions. Co-Captain Kiera Reidy ’23 noted how well the team implemented what they were working on in practices into the game.

“We run a special defensive system, you can call it. It’s called the backer, and we’ve been working on that in practice a lot just because it’s really nice to practice if you have a strong defensive unit, which we do. So we were working on that. We’ve also been working on our plays and riding the ball. So when the other team saves a shot, our attack will redefend, so it’s called a ride. We’ve been doing a really good job with that. So I’d definitely say the ride has been one of our strengths and definitely draw possession. Our midfielders have been great. Special, shout out to Shea Freda [’24]. She is a beast on the draws,” said Reidy. 

Lauren Herlihy ’25 shared similar thoughts about the team using what it worked on in practice during the game. She also commented on how the team worked together as one unit.

“For Choate, I feel like it was like a really, really good team win. We really worked out, we really worked well together, and I feel like all the different drills we were doing in practice really benefited us in the game. Kate [McCool ’23] did an amazing job on defense and helping all the defense, we were really organized, and everyone overall worked really well together,” said Herlihy.

Lola Aguirre ’26 highlighted the team’s ability to still play its best despite being in the lead for most of the game. She noted how she believes it will prepare them for potentially more challenging games in the future.

“Definitely teamwork, sharing the ball, don’t be selfish… and then another thing was just like trying our hardest. Seeing that we were up all of the game, we always fought, and that definitely will prepare us for our other games where the competition will be [stronger],” said Aguirre.

According to Quiana Bell ’26, the team’s transitions and defense were impressive. They were able to implement the plays in Saturday and Wednesday’s games, excelling specifically at transitions. 

“Our transitions [was one of our strengths], like if we lost the ball in our attacking, and the redefend was really good. We would cause turnovers while we were riding before they got down to our defensive end, which was good. And then our defense just looked good too,” said Bell.

Bell credited some of the team’s impressive performance to the team dynamic. Team bonding activities have built trust within the team, connecting both lower and upperclassmen.

“We do team dinners every night, and I think we all enjoy being around each other. We all talk to each other. It doesn’t feel like it’s clique-y with the upperclassmen and lowerclassmen. I think we all see each other as our friends who we can talk to and we just really trust each other with that. So I think that just was like, what kind of led to our success,” said Bell. 

Reidy shared that the games against Choate and NMH were good opportunities to play together as a team. With two more games this week, Reidy noted areas the team will be working on to prepare. 

“Our opponents weren’t the strongest we’ve seen so far in the season. So it was a really good time to work on our plays and defensive strategies, and just really practice as a group. I think plays will definitely be worked on in this upcoming week. We have two more games, one Friday and [one] Saturday. So I definitely think shot selection, play running, and I also just think it’s practice makes perfect for defense and communication,” said Reidy.

Girls Lacrosse will be playing Dexter Southfield School on Friday.