Blue Key Head Auditions

Cristina Donovan ’24 (They/Them)

I really love the energy and attitudes of the Blue Key Heads. They’re the ultimate spirit leaders, and they defy gender roles through this powerful, accepted, aged in [the] tradition of passing down the skirts. [During my audition,] I was required to recreate a part of the Pitch Perfect Acapella Riff Off, [with the] theme ‘songs about sex.’ I also was asked to improv and defend why Ultimate Frisbee was a real sport in front of the crowd. It was exhilarating! I was nervous, but as soon as they called my name, I was so overrun with adrenaline, I forgot to be nervous. I locked into the energy and poured my heart into it. I’m so glad I did it! It was a uniquely brilliant experience I can’t ever recreate.

Juan Sepulveda ‘24 (He/Him)

I thought [auditioning to be a Blue Key Head] would be fun and a cool way to step out of my comfort zone… there was a lot to memorize [for the audition] but the main ones were to memorize a song to sing along with some cheers and a scene that [the current Blue Key Heads] gave you time to prepare [for]. I just assembled a lot of blue clothes and anything random that I could put on [for my audition]. I’m thankful for my friends because they were very kind in helping me put together my act and they helped me feel more confident going into it. I went into it thinking that it would be fun and that no matter what, at least I had tried to do something that I was scared to try. My experience was great, I feel really happy that I tried out.

Mia Pao ’24 (She/Her)

It never really crossed my mind until a friend suggested that I try out. I realized that being a BKH is exactly the type of thing I would love to do, just because I know it would make me happier during my senior year. Being a Blue Key Head means being source of positive and joy for the Andover community. We all work really hard here, so I think that Blue Key Heads are so important to boost up the wellbeing and overall spirit of the school…[And] Auditioning was super fun. I thought I would be really nervous and embarrased, but I must have been running on adrenaline, because it honestly is something I would do again. I didn’t expect it to go smoothly at all, but I think it went pretty well and I’m proud of myself regardless for trying.

Jessica Li (All pronouns)

I decided to audition because since my freshman year, I’ve always seen the Blue Key Heads around campus, making people smile. And I feel like just making Fridays happier and lie more cheerful and reminding you that it’s about to be the weekend. And I really like making people happy. So I feel like I would enjoy, like being in that position and bringing a lot of other people joy. [For the audition], I was really scared going in. But once I went inside and the crowd was super energetic and kind of chanting with me. I got lie an adrenaline rush. So then I didn’t really have the time to process any of my feelings. I kind of just let go. And coming off of the audition was one of the best adrenaline highs I’ve had.

Adaora Mbanefo (She/Her)

“They were the first people that I met as a new lower and as an international student. They were all just full of positive energy. And you know, coming to Andover, obviously, you hear all the great things from students, you also hear the negatives. So I just felt really inspired by people who, you know, despite these, ‘stereotypical’ Andover traits, always had a smile on their faces and whose entire, like, who have dedicated time to uplifting others know, that’s really cool. In my audition, I think one thing that I did was understand what people understand me to be. [Being a ] Blue Key Head isn’t really about playing a persona, but it’s about amplifying the person you are, in a way to help further improve yourself and help improve others. So I really felt like I focused on finding those traits within myself.” 

Molly Mackinnon

I thought that trying out for a blue key head would be a really fun experience and a good opportunity to show my school spirit…I think he would be a lot of fun because I love going to games and cheering people on, and I would love to welcome new students during orientation. Yeah. The trial was a really good experience, and I definitely would have regretted not trying out.