Hot Takes Senior Edition: Who Cares Anymore?

Sophia Eno ’23: What I love most about Senior Year is that, though it’s really sad knowing that you are going to leave very soon, the sense of finality allowed me to make and strengthen so many friendships, which I didn’t have had the chance to do before. It’s made me learn to cherish every moment, and connect with people I never thought I would. 

Safwat Omar ’23: Senior Year varies a lot from time to time. Life comes at you like the splash of Commons fork water, or is as smooth as chocolate milk. What’s important is to stay present through it all, making every day worth the 24 hours in it.

Henry Zhao ’23: Six feet really isn’t that tall. 

Angela Chen ’23: I eat ketchup with literally everything. I put it on pizza. I put it on pasta. I put it on rice. Salads. Basically everything. I have a thing for condiments.

Karen Wang ’23: When you eat chicken nuggets, it’s really fun to eat it by nibbling at the fried breading first. Then, you dip the meat into a sauce. 

Pema Sherpa ’23: Harry Styles is overrated. Saying that he’s revolutionizing what masculinity is is a whole disservice to K-Pop and other artists of color in my opinion. His outfits aren’t even that good, they honestly do not hit at all. BTS did it first and did it better.