Playlist of the Week: Movie Music

From nostalgic 2000’s hits to tear-jerking romantic melodies, songs always elevate the movie-watching experience. Featuring songs from La La Land to High School Musical, this week’s edition of The Phillipian is sure to inspire new songs to add to the playlist, and maybe even some new movies too.

Annabel Tu ’25: “Mia & Sebastian’s Theme” by Justin Hurwitz
“It’s very pretty; it’s not like a sing-song. People don’t sing in “Mia & Sebastian’s Theme”, it’s mostly piano, no words. It’s very pretty for instrumental music, and I like listening to it when I study…because I can’t listen to music with words in it when I study because it’s distracting, and I can’t focus especially if I’m reading other words. So I just like to listen to an instrumental… It’s kind of sad but wistful, but romantic. It’s a lot of emotions, it’s very heartful music. “

Angie Lucia ’25: Pitch Perfect First Riff Off
“I think it’s just a combination of a lot of nostalgic songs from growing up and the way it’s slipped into the movie is so fun… [I listen] obviously when I’m watching the movie, but specifically when I’m watching the movie with my friends who like it just as much as I do.”

Ella Kowal ’25: “Get’cha Head In The Game” by Zac Efron
“It’s sung by Zac Efron and it just reminds me of my childhood. It’s very motivational, it’s all about being a good team player, and focusing on athletics. It’s all about what you need to be successful… [I listen] when I’m at the gym.”

Lydia Mechegia ’24: “Tomorrow” by Quvenzhané Wallis
“My favorite movie soundtrack is the 2014 Annie Soundtrack. I really like “Tomorrow” because it’s really positive and uplifting… It’s my favorite because it reminds me of good times and it’s a really awesome movie… The music is super uplifting, positive, and also a little emotional… I like to listen to it spontaneously when I feel like it.”

Audrey Powers ’24: Baby Driver Soundtrack
“I really like the soundtrack from Baby Driver… It’s been so long that I don’t even remember a specific song, but there’s a lot of classic rock in it… I thought it was a really nice touch to the movie, it was like he was so connected to this music and it plays a role in the plot itself. So that makes sense and it added something to the action… It gets your adrenaline up, it’s like your literally in the car chase with them.”