Reflections from the departing members of The Phillipian, vol. CXLV.

“The State of the Academy is probably one of the most painful but important projects of my Andover experience.” – D. ChangThe Phillipian has been a great space for me to question and challenge traditions that have been embedded in the history of The Phillipian. I really love multi and sharing my passion for languages and encouraging The Phillipian to reflect on linguistic diversity. I’m excited to see what my associates will do next year.” – S. Checchi

“I love, despise, hate, appreciate you Aaron Chung, for introducing me and hooking me up with Plip. #Madeittiltheend” – J. Chyu

“‘The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled.’ – John Berger” – M. Doucette

“I love you all <3” – I. Guo

“To CXLVI and Digital, the most important section, good luck. It’s all yours now.” – D. Jeong

“all my skills for the paper lack dignity. but anything for the laughs.” – E. Lee

“i don’t think my experience with The Phillipian can be summed up in my own words. instead, i’ll do what journalism does best and quote the collective andover consciousness: ‘thank f*ck it’s over.’” – J. Li

“Alex, Jeffrey, Noemi, Natalie, Jackie, and Maggie — thank you for making my time with Arts one to remember. I’ll miss this place <3” – J. Ma

“Came for Maya Tang and stayed for Mia Xiao. She is the best boss and absolutely does not treat us like amazon employees! Sorry Jacob Kaiser, video loves you <3” A. Mark-Fong

“My time as a sports editor went a bit like Arsenal 4-4 Newcastle in 2011. As they say, it’s a ‘game of two halves.’”– D. Moriwake

“Feeling lucky to have gotten to know you all. Some of the smartest, coolest ppl I know. Cannot wait to see what you all do. Shoutout News-best section <3” – H. Nardone

“Sometimes the most unexpected opportunities teach you the most. Thank you CXLV for introducing me to the collective genius (and idiocy) of the Newsroom, and the rush of last-minute editing. In the future, use less em-dashes.” – S. Robinson

“I wasn’t going to write at first, let alone apply for editor. All I can say is that I’m glad I took that step and pleased with where it got me.” – J. Rogus

“from zoom to the Newsroom, The Phillipian family is forever. lots of love “ – M. Satterthwaite

“I’ve learned about collaboration and creativity — and really most importantly, creativity. Our school paper is a flexible platform for pursuing stories and representing peers and community members; so I only hope CXLVI may take advantage of The Phillipian’s establishment to work between and across sections to always push for more creativity. I thank Jasmine for letting me try my hand at Arts’ movie reviews, and seeing the work complemented by illustrators’ artwork. Looking for more outlets of expression and exploration always, Ashley” – A. Song

“Y’all need to find a way to expand the Newsroom I’ve been living in fear of the building catching fire. But as Senior year progressed and I slowly lost the will to live, I accepted the fact that my death may happen in the Newsroom.” – M. Tang

“‘Words, words, words, they’re all we have to go on…’ until upload wasn’t on Thursday <3” – C. Wang

‘things could be a lot worse’ – megamind” – J. Xu

“Ideas for Multi’s long-term sustainability: 1. write original articles 2. collaborate with the language dept. 3. translate into Simlish with 8p. All in all, DON’T LET US DIE OUT AGAIN OK!!” — M. Yao

“what can i say, we drowned in success #securedthebag(s)” — M. Yuan

Rawr” – A. Zhang


How many Garfields are too many Garfields? There are never too many. It has been a wild, fun ride CXLV!!” – K. Wang

“Wow. That was one hell of a ride. Thank you for the past four years, Plip. To Newzzz — Hannah, Laura, Will, Aaron — CXLV, and UM, all my love. Thanks for being my second family. To CXLVI, welcome home. Take care of yourself and each other. Whatever happens, you’ll have each other to get through it together each week.” – E. Kim

“It was hard, it was glorious, it was painful, but it was ours. To Arts CXLIII, CXLIV, Semira, Alex, CXLV, and UM — thank you for everything. It’s been an honour and a pleasure. To quote the immortal Bryan Ferry: ‘your memory stays, it lingers ever…I hope it’s forever.’ Much love to you all. Here’s to retirement.” – D. Park Wang

“I’m writing at 1 a.m. at night, which feels very fitting considering my relationship to the paper as echoed by many others. The Phillipian has become so intertwined with my time at Andover without my ever coming to this recognition before. I hope as I struggle to find my vocation (pastime) post-retirement, the new generation of editors will find themselves in the paper as I did. Love, Mia” — M. Xiao

It’s hard saying goodbye, but I’ll forever be grateful for all the laughs, memories, and hectic Wednesday nights we’ve shared together. Thank you Anushka, Laura, UM, Sports, CXLV, and everyone who’s been a part of my time on The Phillipian for making these past three years so special. To CXLVI: Love this paper, and love it together. Cherish the fun, cherish the stress, and never be afraid to swim with the sharks. It’s your turn now.” – E. Qi

“Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you: to Jay and CXLIV for teaching us to carry this legacy, to News for making me learn to love this paper, to CXLV for making this paper what it is right now, and to UM for struggling with me. I love you all. And CXLVI, you’ve got this. Be The Phillipian.” – E. Goncalves