Modern Streetwear and High Fashion: The Sleek and Confident Style of Allie Encarnacion ’24

Encarnation uses jewelry to deliver essential colors that complements the monochormatic tone of overall outfit.

Having enjoyed fashion since she was a child, Encarnation considers potentially pursuing a career in the industry.

Layering a dark blue tank top with lacy black straps, Allie Encarnacion ’24 sports Finesse ultra-low-waist pants and silver and white New Balance 530s in a sleek and casual mix between modern streetwear and high fashion. She accentuates her striking monochrome look with new rings and earrings from the jewelry label Vitaly.

“I try to create one piece a term [where] you see that piece and you think to yourself, ‘That’s Allie.’ So, for my Lower spring, for example, I had this big leather jacket. It was incredibly oversized, it was huge, and I would wear it literally everywhere, and then I also had these white platform boots, and it was the combination of those two that you saw and were like,
that’s Allie,’” said Encarnacion.

Though Encarnacion enjoys experimenting with a broad range of styles, a common thread across her outfits is her emphasis on her accessories. Two of her favorite jewelry brands are Vitaly and Ana Luisa. The focus on the details of her aesthetic and her overall love for fashion, however, stem from much earlier in her life. With many of her family members involved in the industry, Encarnacion reflects that their influences allowed her to realize her passion.

“[Fashion has] always been important to me. When I was younger, I was always the diva of the family… I was known as the kid who always was in J. Crew dresses, hair always straightened, nails always done, like that. Kind of as I grew up, that evolved, and that included the more trendy things like Justice was big, or Abercrombie & Fitch. It was the first time I had true autonomy over what I could wear, and how I could express myself,” said Encarnacion.

According to Encarnacion, her time at Andover has been additionally formative to developing her style. During Upper Year — a time where many people might, as she explains, when people gain confidence and “find themselves” — Encarnacion’s style became more intentional and vibrant, conveying her individuality through consistently polished outfits. Describing her style in one word as “lifestyle,” Encarnacion’s friend Langston Reid ’24 highlighted how Encarnacion’s fashion has additionally evolved to be more cohesive and sophisticated.

“She’s become more in tune with herself through her fashion. Because Allie as a person has evolved, her fashion has done the same, and it’s connected… Allie might have certain pieces that by themselves are really cool, but now she’s evolved herself to realize that pieces work together, so pieces in her closet will go with other pieces, and it’s all connected,” said Reid.

Drawing inspiration from places like fashion show Cactus Jack, fashion designer Virgil Abloh, and model Bella Hadid, Encarnacion also intertwines current clothing trends with authentic personal expression in her fashion. Gabby Edokpa ’24, a friend of Encarnacion’s, talked about how she brings her personal touch to styling and wearing low-rise jeans that make them look unique, despite their status as a fairly popular item nowadays.

“I would describe Allie’s style as a unique take on modern trends, and ever changing… I think that she is very intentional with the pieces that she chooses to wear, and how she styles them… Low-rise jeans are kind of common right now, but the way she styles them makes her outfits look unique and not just trendy,” said Edokpa.

While Encarnacion isn’t certain about her future career path, one of her dream jobs is to become a fashion journalist. Encarnacion discussed how the flexibility of the fashion industry can create interdisciplinary opportunities that allow her to interweave her passion for poetry into fashion as well.

“The good thing about the fashion industry is that there is a lot of leeway and flexibility within [it]. I love writing, and I love poetry, specifically. And I think that, no matter what I do, I’ll find a way to express my fashion and to help other people express theirs in whatever industry I choose,” said Encarnacion.