Girls Soccer Defeats Deerfield, Ties Noble & Greenough

Andover Girls Soccer defeated Deerfield 4-1 at home this Saturday. The team later met its match in a tight game against Noble & Greenough (Nobles), ultimately tying 2-2. Andover’s record now stands at 5-6-5. 

Wylie Roossien ’26 believes the win against Deerfield displayed how Andover has been hoping to play all season long. The team was able to possess the ball with ease due to the onfield chemistry it has developed, according to Roossien. 

“I think the result of the game on the scoresheet definitely reflected how well we played as a team—very unselfish play all around…We were able to distribute the ball in a quicker manner, with more confidence, and more assurance, knowing that the person that would be receiving it would be able to make amazing things happen…And we don’t have to be 11 individual players trying to do our own things, we have to play as a unit,” said Roossien.

The confidence that Andover played with started from its first goal. Sophie Dandawa ’25 recalled a play which highlighted the team’s chemistry. 

“One really important play that happened on Saturday was our first goal. It was off of a corner [kick] where Kate McCool [’23] passed to Emily Mara [’25], who then passed it to Lulu Rourke [’23] who took a great shot, which got the momentum going,” said Dandawa.

According to Roossien, home field advantage also worked in the team’s favor on Saturday. The combination of having fans behind the team’s back and playing on its own turf immediately gave Andover an advantage over Deerfield.

“I think being able to have that assurance of being with our home crowd and being able to play in an area that we know how to play in, that we’ve had both the experience of triumphant wins and then some sad losses, motivated us even more,” said Roossien.

In the match against Nobles, Myranda Lu ’23 noted how the team consistently aimed to keep the energy on the bench upbeat and light while still concentrating on the game. Despite the challenges it faced, the team maintained the same level of enthusiasm that it had during Saturday’s game.  

“Honestly, I feel like [the energy level] was the same as every other game. The sideline is always very supportive. We’re always making jokes, but at the same time, supporting the team while they’re playing,” said Lu.

Andover’s next game will be Senior Night against Lawrence Academy, which is the team’s last chance to come together before Andover/Exeter. With Seniors only having two games left for Andover, the team is motivated to end the season on a high note, according to Roossien.

“On top of that, the fact that we’re nearing the end of our season has not only motivated our Seniors and our captains and leaders out there on the field, but also every younger player. As I mentioned, we are a very young team, but it motivates us even more because we want to be able to give our Senior players everything we have…being united by this passion we share for soccer, it gets us going,” said Roossien.

Andover will play Lawrence under the lights this Friday.