Lukewarm Takes

Jaeden Glace ’23

Root-beer floats are irrelevant. The curdles that are made from the mixing of the milk from the ice cream and the acid from the beer is disgusting. It feels like grime on your tongue. Yuck.

Darla Moody ’24

The Pine Knoll shirts from last year were by far the BEST cluster shirt. I’m not even kidding. The other color palettes all felt like failed opportunities because they were saturated weirdly and felt incongruous; whereas the Pine Knoll shirt is visually pleasing as the colors sit at roughly the same ballpark in terms of value and saturation. Plus, pink and green are cool colors.

Sarah Pan ’24

Starbucks is catering to ten year-olds and it’s trash. After waiting for an hour in the Starbucks line behind a group of middle schoolers who keep trying to airdrop you random images, you might as well schedule a dentist appointment. In their efforts to steal the money of children under the age of 12, Starbucks has basically created a menu that can only be described as sugar with a side of coffee. Their frappuccinos are quite literally drenched in sugar syrup and the teas are colors that no tea could be without the help of a few radioactive glow sticks. It’s gross.

Lilienne Zhang ’25

In an attempt to destigmatize having [a] mental illness, Andover has instead, inadvertently, caused many with mental illnesses to feel unheard or unhelped because so many around them are jumping at the chance to also proclaim they have a mental illness, when really, they don’t. It’s not quirky anymore, at this point, it’s tiring. 

Gauri Kumar ’25

I can’t be the only one that thinks Commons water tastes weird. But not like your normal weird. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised to find a piece of rotten ham, oozing oil, staring back at me at the bottom of the cup once I have finished my water.

Ann Zhao ’25

I am a firm believer that chairs where your feet touch the ground are better than chairs where your legs are dangling. When your legs touch the ground, the blood circulation throughout your feet is evenly distributed. But that numbing feeling I get when the blood rushes to my dangling feet after a long time of sitting in a high chair is simply uncomfortable. I shouldn’t be feeling the blood in my feet. Just, no.