Uppers/Seniors Share Thoughts on Opening of School Class Bonding Activity: Square Dancing

Before the start of classes, on the week of September 5, Andover hosted square dance instructors in Borden Memorial Gym. With their respective classes, Uppers and Seniors learned how to square dance with each other, accompanied by live music. Intended to be a class bonding activity, Andover organized the event as part of this year’s orientation programming. 

Andrew DeBenedictis ’23

Square dancing is definitely not something I thought we would be doing for a class bonding activity, but it was kind of fun, to be honest. You find yourself square dancing with a lot of people—a lot of people you didn’t even know, so that’s pretty cool. It was a sort of weird but sort of fun break from daily orientation stuff. Next year, I do not think they should do square dancing specifically but something related to that type of activity that forces people to hang out and meet each other. 

Nour Rustum ’23

I think with the way square dancing is set up, you first can start off next to someone you know, and then you move on and rotate to a new person and start dancing with them. I, personally, ended up meeting two new PG students, who are now some of my good friends, so I am glad I got to meet them and have that fun experience with them. Now I get lunch with these PG’s, and it’s a good way to meet even more new people. I think it was a really good experience, and it was a good way to make sure people are interacting with others they have not met before because you keep rotating partners. It was definitely a lot of fun and Andover should host it next year. 

Emily Turnbull ’24

I think the square dancing was a bit unconventional, but it was a good way to put everyone equally out of their comfort zone. Doing something silly or somewhat embarrassing as a whole group makes it more fun and less awkward. I thought the square dancing was fine, I’d be down to do it again, but I think there are better ways we can bond as a class.

George Stoody ’24

The square dance, I thought, was a fun way to meet new classmates, and I especially enjoyed seeing my friends again. Additionally, the musicians did a good job at teaching us the dance moves to the music. The one negative part of this bonding activity was that it was a little hot. With everyone dancing around, it created a lot of heat, so that wasn’t great. 

Jack Swales ’24

The square dance! It was actually really fun. I think everyone was a little reluctant on wanting to do it at first because it seemed a little stupid and childish, but once we got into the music, everyone was laughing and genuinely looked like they were having fun. However, it didn’t really help anyone bond or help meet new people in my opinion, because everyone just ended up dancing with their friends. Still, it was pretty fun for an event that no one expected to be exciting, so I liked it! 

Daphne Edwards ’23

The square dancing during our class bonding activity was a lot more fun than I initially anticipated. It’s not something I was expecting or have ever done before, but I think since a lot of people were in the same situation it made it that much more thrilling. Trying something new with someone new and sharing laughs with my class is all I could have wanted, and the square dancing actively delivered.