Giuliana Cardinale ’25 Stays Close to Friends and Family through “Colorful” Style

Giuliana Cardinale ’25 can’t go wrong with her trusty Converse, a varied top, and low-rise jeans that were a gift from her best friend. Combining styles from friends and family members alike, Cardinale focuses on simplicity, cohesion, and on telling a story through her unique pieces.

“My best friend from home, she lent me some low-rise jeans that she always used to wear, it was her iconic thing. [I] pair that with some converse, and any top…I don’t have any favorite, but [I pair] pieces of clothing that mean a lot to me, not just what they mean physically, but where they were from,” said Cardinale.

To Cardinale, the most important and enjoyable part of fashion is the conversation that can stem from an outfit. She appreciates how each piece in her wardrobe holds a special story, especially those from her mother. While away at school, Cardinale cherishes the ways in which she can be reminded of her mother when wearing her old pieces.

“Yeah, my mom was…not wild with her fashion, but very showy with color scheme. When she’d go places, she would always bring back something. I’ve gotten a lot of my clothes from her, so it’s nice, especially in boarding school, to have a part of my outfit that I’m wearing that’s from her,” said Cardinale.

To keep her outfits fresh and have fun with her style, Cardinale often shares clothes with her friends. She and her roommates often raid each other’s closets, creating matching outfits for the next day. Friend Lena Ciganer-Albeniz ’25 explains how this styling activity brings them all closer.

“The people in our dorm are really close to each other, and we often exchange clothes. It’s really good because instead of just buying more clothes, which contributes to fast fashion, by borrowing each other’s clothes we aren’t participating as much in consumerism. It’s nice to have a change, and it’s a good way of bonding,” Ciganer-Albeniz says.

When asked to describe her style in one word, Cardinale landed on “colorful,” her inspiration often coming from the different seasons and weather. Ciganer-Albeniz shares that many of her friend’s color combinations are unthinkable and innovative, yet perfectly cohesive. She admires Cardinale’s spontaneity when it comes to styling, and believes it to be the reason she can pull off any look.

“Like I said, she can kind of do any kind of style depending on what she wants. She can pull off anything, so sometimes she will combine more elegance with more casualness, or she’ll be more sporty. She can do so many different outfits and combine them together,” said Ciganer-Albeniz.

Cardinale credits this versatile style to her changing moods and the different days of the week. She feels most inspired to be productive on Monday, and often reaches for an outfit that will help facilitate that motivation. On Fridays, she leans towards a more fun outfit, embracing her excitement for the weekend.
“Depending on how I’m feeling that day, my mood changes, I guess, and so do my outfits. … Mondays are a nice fresh start for the week, so I feel that if I wear something that I feel good in, I feel more productive. On Fridays, [I’ll wear something unique] because it’s the last day of the week and I’m excited for the weekend,” said Cardinale.