Pitching Continues to Pave the Path to Victory for Andover Boys Baseball

Pitcher Thomas White ’23 is commited to Vanderbilt University.

Led by dominant pitching from Cole Mascott ’23, Teo Spadaccini ’23, and Marek Krystofolski ’25, surrendering just one run through seven innings, Andover Boys Baseball rebounded from its 0-2 defeat against Stony Brook, winning 6-1 in the second game of the doubleheader. The team followed its victory over Stony Brook with a 5-2 win over Brooks. The team’s record now stands at 9-2.

According to Head Coach Kevin Graber, Andover was led by its players on the pitcher’s mound, surrendering just three runs over the span of two games against Stony Brook. Despite struggling to put runs on the board in game one, the team recovered and scored five in its second game.

“They had a strong pitcher in the first game of the doubleheader who really limited our offense, which is unfortunate because Thomas White ’23 and Harrison Milbert ’22 pitched amazingly well in that game. Game 2 was a different story as our offense really clicked, while Cole Mascott ’23, Teo Spadaccini ’23, and Marek Krystofolski ’25 were dominant on the mound,” wrote Coach Graber in an email to The Phillipian.

According to Joe Carrara ’24, the difference in team spirit from the second game compared to the first propelled the team to victory on the backend of the doubleheader. He attested the positive change to a shift in energy during the second game

Carrara said, “We had two games against Stony Brook, we lost the first one, and then just the way we came back with a lot of energy for the second game really helped us come out with the victory. Our pitching was still outstanding, but I think just the energy switch in the second game helped us win that one.”

Coach Graber noted that the team’s main source of energy and guidance comes from its more experienced senior athletes. The seniors play a large role in directing their teammates, almost serving as another set of coaches.

“Leadership from our seniors has been really important. Jake Needham ’22, Skyler Bordiuk ’22, Harrison Milbert ’22, Tommy McAndrews ’22, Jesse McCullough ’22, and CJ Egrie ’22 make this a really easy team to coach because they make sure everyone works hard and plays with energy and enthusiasm at all times,” wrote Coach Graber.

According to Carrara, one of the main things the team will be looking to improve on in its next game against Groton is heating up at the plate, supplying its pitchers with some breathing room.

“Definitely against Groton we need to try and get some more hits, our hitting needs to be improved a little bit. Our pitchers, defense, all year has been amazing, so if we can just get our bats going that’s the biggest thing,” said Carrara.

According to Coach Graber, winning is the goal against Groton. However, the team also needs to save as many arms as it can for its doubleheader against Phillips Exeter, creating quite the dilemma.

“The main thing is we want to win at Groton, but we need to save enough pitching for Saturday’s doubleheader at Exeter. If we can manage that, we’re confident we can do well,” wrote Coach Graber.

Andover’s next game is away at Groton on Friday.

Editor’s note: Tristan Marnoto ’24 is a Sports Editor for The Phillipian.